Upperclassman of the Month – Shirin Khasanova


Abdullah Hashimi, Contributor

Let’s give a hand to Shirin Khasanova for being FDR’s June’s Upperclassman of the Mont! Shirin has been attending FDR for all 4 years of high school. She likes attending FDR, saying that whenever she walks into the school building, she feels the positive aura radiating from either the Honor Society or the Student Government. She also says that she has always been fond of FDR’s students being so nice to one another, and if there’s anything FDR should be known for, it’s the way students treat each another. 

Shirin’s favorite subjects are English and Biology. She loves anything relating to books; classics, fiction, and YA fantasy. Whenever she has the opportunity, not only to read, but to discuss topics in class, she jumps at the opportunity. Shirin loves Biology, because she is a very curious person. It intrigues her to figure out how our bodies, and every breathing thing around us, works. Shirin is an important member of the FDR community, and she participates in many clubs/sports at FDR. She is involved in MSK (My Sister’s Keeper), the Tennis team, and is a dedicated member of The New Dealer. The reason why she choose to be involved in MSK is because of what the club stands for. In her eyes, MSK is a club for young women, who feel 2nd to men, and a club in which people want to learn more about women and their contributions to society. The club is a great way to educate others about the sexism and discrimination a woman faces on a day-to-day basis. This is something she is very passionate about! She is also on the school’s Tennis team. The #1 reason why she joined the Tennis team was because of how nice the team was, and how quickly she formed a bond with them. She attests that she knew right away, that she and the girls in front of her, would be great friends for many years to come. As for The New Dealer, Shirin writes many of the Cougar Life stories and even helps with the editing. She brings the paper incredible energy and enthusiasm! 

In terms of advice for any new students at FDR, Shirin says to not be afraid of taking risks. She remarks that if one wants to challenge themselves with harder courses, then they should do it! If you want to talk to a certain group of kids, then you should do it! Very wisely, she talks about how right now is the best time to make new friends, and challenge yourself. There is no better time! She thinks the more you do in the next 4 years, the happier you’ll be. She promises you won’t regret not doing something years later, because you know that you’ve tried it all- and gained experience, no matter what the outcome was!

Shirin is a Top Ten student, but she says she doesn’t know what got her such an honor, as to be Upperclassman of the Month. She says that it’s perhaps, due to her being close with teachers and students at FDR. We at The New Dealer congratulate Shirin on this wonderful achievement. Enjoy your honor as the Upperclassman of the Month! FDR will miss you next year!!!