Mr.Wolkoff Leads The UFT Teacher Center!


Zain Chaudhry, Contributor

FDR is filled with many teachers, who all have their own stories to tell. One particular teacher, Mr. Wolkoff, happens to spread his guidance to both students and teachers. This year, Mr. Wolkoff teaches 10th grade English for ESL students, but that is not the only thing that he does! Along with helping students further their education, he helps teachers strengthen their classroom practices in order to better help their students. Through interviewing Mr. Wolkoff, I learned that teachers all have interesting stories to tell, and they do more than what just meets the eye.

Mr. Wolkoff taught for 17 years before deciding to join force with the UFT (United Federation of Teachers) to assist teacher’s in their development.  At first, Mr. Wolkoff was sent out to schools, to support teachers to be the best. Through teaching how to plan lessons, engage students, assess what students know, and use new systems, he has helped many teachers cater their skills to better assist their students. 

At FDR, he now has an office in the 453, the UFT Teacher Center, where he helps FDR teachers. He aids teachers with overcoming obstacles such as keeping students focused. He does this by teaching educators how to build connections with their students. As a student, the connection and engagement between a teacher and a class makes or breaks a lesson. Mr. Wolkoff helps FDR teachers become experts at engaging students and enables teachers to be efficient with their class period.

If Mr. Wolkoff could make a change in the Teacher Center, he would like his office to be more central in the building as it would make him more accessible to all teachers. Access and being available to all teachers are major goals for him. He loves to teach students about the English language, writing, and literature, and he finds it very rewarding to assist in strengthening the quality of teaching at FDR. 

We thank Mr. Wolkoff for building a stronger teacher to student connection! It’s important to remember that teacher’s do many other things outside the classroom to make FDR a better place, and we should appreciate all they do for us!