Underclassman of The Month – Sleed Silaire


Kristina Sanchez , Contributor

Congratulations to Sleed Silaire, for the well deserved achievement of being  named, the Underclassman of the Month, here at FDR! Sleed appreciates the amazing atmosphere at FDR. He is thoroughly enjoying his school year with great friends and caring teachers. 

Math is an interesting subject that Sleed loves to study. The intricacies of Math equations grabs his attention. He is drawn to the challenge to solve complex equations. Sheed also enjoys his History class. He is excited to learn something new every day in his Global class. He walks into FDR every morning eager to learn. 

Sleed is on our FDR boys’ Soccer team! His passion for soccer is linked to his athletic interest. When asked why he chose to be a part of this team, it was simply the game of soccer that excited him. Sleed is not only on the boys’ Soccer team, but he was on the boys’ Tennis team last year. He plans on joining this year for the spring season. In addition to sports, Sleed is a part of the club my Brother’s Keeper, as a sophomore representative.  From academic school work to sports teams and extracurricular activities, Sleed is heavily involved in the FDR community. 

A piece of advice Sleed has for new students here at FDR is to enjoy your time with the friends you make and feel comfortable with the atmosphere around you. He says that it is important to feel comfortable, because it doesn’t only matter the amount of work you put in. You won’t be successful if you are not completely comfortable. He embrases the concept of creating an environment that best suits you, not only in high school, but in the world around you. Sleed claims we are all given the opportunity to improve our mistakes and understand our individual development, as we get older.

Sleed has a strong work ethic and is a dedicated young man, who strives to accomplish his goals at FDR High School. The New Dealer is proud to name Sleed the Underclassman of the Month! Congratulations Speed!