Cougar of The Month – Kristina Sanchez


Abdullah Hashimi, Editor

Congratulations to senior Kristina Sanchez for being the Cougar of the Month! When Kristina was applying for High School, FDR wasn’t her first choice. However, she’s now glad FDR is the place that took her in! She says FDR helped her to come out of her shell, with all the various activities the school has offered her.

Kristina says her favorite subject at FDR was AP U.S. History, during her junior year. It was the class she felt most comfortable in, and she loved how it challenged her. She particularly enjoyed how each week there was an essay that engaged her and forced her to step up. She notes that it wasn’t the actual subject of history that made her enjoy the class, but the various stories and ways Mr. Sullivan kept the class engaged.

Kristina is heavily involved in the FDR community, beyond just her academics. She is a part of the Student Government here at FDR, the National Honor Society, Student Ambassadors, The New Dealer, and works as a student aide after school. She joined Student Government, as a direct way to get involved with all the activities at FDR. She joined Student Ambassadors to be more comfortable with crowds and understand the school building better. The New Dealer serves as a platform for her to showcase her love of writing and expressing herself through various articles. The Nation Honor Society keeps her in the mindset of maintaining strong grades and allows her to volunteer for various events. Last, but definitely not least, her work as a school aid has shown her behind the curtain at FDR, and she now knows the importance of every single person who works at FDR. The job has helped her develop a larger appreciation for the school.

The advice Kristina would like to give to new students at FDR is that there will be times you will struggle, and that is ok! She says to find interests in, and outside, the school building. It’s important to try things outside your comfort zone. She emphasizes that you should never give up on something you haven’t tried yet. She says that if you surround yourself with people who motivate you, and help you enjoy your time at FDR, you will be fine; the good people help you pass the time!

Kristina thinks she was chosen as Cougar of the Month due to how much time she dedicates to FDR. The building is a second home to her, and everything she does for it, she does to the best of her abilities. The New Dealer is honored to have had her as our Cougar of the Month!

Congratulations Kristina! The title of Cougar of the Month is well deserved.