FDR’s D&D Club: An Interview with Mr. Klecan


Abdullah Hashimi, Editor

With the start of this new semester, The New Dealer had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Klecan, an English Teacher here at FDR, and the Advisor of the Dungeons and Dragons club. This club is in its second year and is a very unique club. We are grateful to have been able to interview Mr. Klecan and discuss everything D&D!

The New Dealer: What is the D&D Club about? What is Dungeons & Dragons?

Mr. Klecan: The students really just create characters, different quests, and stories. The biggest tool in the game is everyone’s imagination. They have different characters all coming together for a story which is entirely fictional, and a product of their imagination. The game is of course first and foremost about having fun, but students develop these skills in constructing narratives as the story progresses. The game really relates to English in its narratives and literary aspects, which as an English teacher, I wholly appreciate. It is really just a fun way that the students are able to use their collective imaginations to transport themselves into different worlds.

The New Dealer: How was the Dungeons & Dragons club founded?

Mr. Klecan: It was founded last year with one student, Damon, coming to me and asking if I would be the Advisor for this new club. I was happy to be the Advisor and help start up the club, although it did take a little while for the club to start up. We wanted to make sure there was no conflict with another club that was running at the time, the Game Club. Once we realized that the Game Club didn’t include D&D, it was smooth sailing to start the club. The club started off small, but we recruited, and it eventually grew. Plenty of students seemed interested in the prospect of the club. It was and is all student-created and student lead.

The New Dealer: Student lead clubs are always amazing. Speaking of the students, what do you think the club brings to the FDR Community?

Mr. Klecan: I would say that it brings something really unique to FDR. We have a lot of sports and activities related to other subjects like Math and Science. There aren’t as many clubs that push creativity and imagination as much as D&D. It also brings connections with ELA, which you don’t really see in other clubs. Beyond all that, the environment itself is very open and inclusive. The club has a diverse array of students who are very different from each other, yet all come together to play this one game- using their collective imaginations. Everyone respects each other and treats each other as equals, all are supported and welcome. Students are able to make their own characters with their own personalities and backgrounds, and even their own powers and abilities. The game itself is open and inviting for all to play in whichever way is comfortable for them.

The New Dealer: The environment of the club sounds amazing and like something any student at FDR would love to be a part of. My final question for you is- How can one join the club? And does it accept new members?

Mr. Klecan: YES, definitely! We do accept new members. A very large percentage of the club is current seniors, so more students joining is not only welcome but encouraged. Since the club is student-led, it’s definitely important to have more non-senior members in order to keep it alive and thriving. We’re hopeful we can have more non-senior members by the end of the year. I feel that even if you’re not too familiar with D&D, it’s very fun and the best way to get into it or try it, is to join the club. It can be a little overwhelming at the beginning but ultimately rewarding.

Thanks again to Mr. Klecan for sitting down with The New Dealer to have this discussion and shine a little more light on this magical D&D Club, we have here at FDR. I urge any and all students who are interested in the club to reach out to Mr. Klecan and give it a chance. The club is so open and welcoming, and we hope to see it grow!