Ms. Accettura- AP of Organization


Zain Chaudhry, Contributor

It’s a clement September morning, the crowd jumbles up at student entry, roaring with short lasting excitement for the new school year. As you enter the building, it all comes back to you. The aroma of the school building, the ambience of the school halls brings you back to the post summer reality. Then the thoughts start flowing, you start wondering; wondering why everything in school is exactly how it should be. Who orders all these materials for our school, how is everything here and ready to go? Then you wonder, who the woman behind the curtain is? It’s the one and only Ms. Accettura!

While Ms. Accettura is the one who overlooks purchasing, she comes from humble origins as an ISS teacher dating back to 1989, when she first started working in education. After her endeavors as a teacher, she transitioned her skills to being the AP of the ISS Department. From there, she moved on to what we now know her as, the AP of Organization. Ms. Accettura is a great example of how we all should strive to be. Starting from working as a teacher and switching to working in the administration of a large public high school, seems like a taxing and incredible obstacle! However, for Ms. Accettura this was just a matter of getting adjusted to the environment.

Ms. Accettura holds a very important position at our school as the AP of Organization. She oversees all the funds given to school. Therefore, she must divide funds fairly between teachers and staff members, in order for students to have the resources they need to succeed. Not only does she have to divide the funds for pay, she has to also maintain school upkeep. For example, the Art rooms which were renovated a few years back was one of her ideas. Ms. Accettura uses extra school funds to make our school a better place. Over the last 5 years the school has had an incredible facelift internally. We all owe Ms. Accettura a debt of gratitude for her work to make FDR a more engaging environment.

One of Ms. Accettura motivations now, and going forward, is to make the school feel like home. Our beautiful new cafeteria is a great example of this! She tries her best to make sure we feel safe and have everything we need at school. The New Dealer thanks Ms. Accettura for making our, home away from home, run so smoothly and effectively!