Murat Khidoyatov-Cougar Of The Month!!


Kristina Sanchez , Contributor

Congratulations to Murat Khidoyatov, for being named the Cougar of the Month here at FDR! Murat not only likes attending FDR for the vast diversity of its students, but he has met amazing and unique people during his time in high school. He has created incredible bonds with classmates and friends. He looks forward to continuing these friendships even after graduation. 

Murat wishes to pursue Biomedical Engineering in college, and he finds his AP Calculus class his most interesting and appealing. He believes Math is not just finding the x in a solution! He is fascinated with the mathematical material while studying engineering. 

Murat is not only dedicated to his work academically, but he is involved heavily in our school community. He is a senior representative on Student Government, Co-President for FDR’s National Honor Society, President of the Robotics team, a member of the Math team, competes on the Boys Bowling team, and a Student Ambassador. All of the hours he has spent managing and enjoying his time on student clubs will be greatly missed. He found FDR a perfect place to explore his hobbies, help his community, meet new people, and spend time with his friends. 

A piece of advice Murat would like to share with new students at FDR is to take advantage and explore all the opportunities around you. He exclaims to never resist trying things you thought you could never do and to be willing to ask your peers for help. According to Murat, at the end of your senior year, you will be able to look back at what you have accomplished and be amazed by the fantastic journey. 

Murat has pursued and accomplished so much in our school’s community. He is eager and dedicated to improving our school’s student body, and it shows. The New Dealer would like to congratulate Murat for being named the Cougar of the Month and on his acceptance to Yale University! You will be missed Murat!