Historical Poetry


It would not be the fall without Mr. Scherer’s class writing Historical Poetry!  Here are three examples of the great work being done in his Global Classes!!

Nikketia Gildarhie 

Peter The Great

A long long time ago

About 300 years or so

Peter the Great was a man

With a new plan

Always eager to learn about

the mighty Western ways

he took a visit to England and wanted to stay,

but Instead he returned home to help

make the Russia we know of today.

His policy was westernization

To be more like Europe

was his want for his nation

Introducing potatoes for food and tobacco for smoking

Expanding his markets token after token

Hoping to open a road from Russia to the west

He wanted to show the people

Of Russia his very best.

Though defeated by the Swedish King

He was never discouraged knowing

One day he would win.

He said no man shall dress

In that old old style

Wearing European suits is the only law

You shall abide.

Before his ruling Russia was nothing

With him taking the throne

It became and remained something


Enrique Mendoza

King Louis XIV

I am King Louis XIV of France.

Under my rule this nation is no democracy.

Instead I run an autocracy.

I built my army up to four times the size.

I can arrest and imprison my subjects without any trials.

My people don’t need all of their rights.

I have intendants to be my sight.

Catholicism is the state religion of France.

Therefore I revoked the Edict of Nantes.

Now I’m in the position.

For another Inquisition.

Let them all run away.

I had less money either way.

Because the palace of Versailles was very costly.

But now all my nobles are like my trained puppies.

If they decide to disobey.

I shall just banish them away.

Because they live on my property.

And this is my Absolute Monarchy.


Winnie Xie

The Radiant Sun King    

Across the Heavens he was the sun

Ignored Estates General and revoked the Edict of Nantes

He ended religious tolerance causing 200,000 men to run

King Louis XIV ruled France receiving many taunts


He raised taxes and imprisoned men without trial

While hiring intendants to spy on his subjects

The way he drained the treasury was wild

Spending too much money on personal expenditures and fancy objects


Wars fought by Louis XIV yielded little land

But he continued invading territories to increase his power over France

In 1668 the building of palace at Versailles began

It became a regular place for the king and his nobles to party and dance


Louis XIV came to stand every ground

Wearing his sparkling jewels and fancy gown

He believed he was the one to make the earth go round

But what happens when the sun goes down?