Ann Bukhgalter- Senior of the Month


Xinhang Xie, Reporter

Congrats Ann Bukhgalter! Ann is September’s Senior of the Month. It was an eventful four years at FDR, according to Ann. She felt that she could not have picked a better school. Ann said that, here at FDR,  she is surrounded by amazing and supportive teachers and classmates. Even regents week and A.P. exams were made better by FDR’s loving environment. Ann likes all of her subjects and, in her opinion, she is lucky enough to have teachers that have the ability to provide active and captivating lessons. Ann is involved in several FDR extracurricular activities including:  The Ambassador Program, NHS, Tech Crew, Rainbow Coalition, Peer Mediation, and Cougar Publications. She tends to choose clubs that have “the most character” and clubs that have activities that she wouldn’t normally participate in. She likes to step out of her comfort zone and learn as much as she can. Ann would like to tell the new students of FDR not to hold off on participating and try new things. She also thinks that high school is a four year countdown to adulthood. Students may be pleasantly surprised by what they are able to achieve, or the friendships they will make, all while having fun. Ann said that she may have been selected for Senior of the Month, because she went full throttle, and she was as active in school as possible. Way to go Ann!