Kazi Saimul Ahasan – Senior of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Congrats to Kazi for being the Senior of the Month! For Kazi, attending FDR is a dream come true. When he first came to FDR, he did not speak English and was not confident about his presence. FDR has made him who he is today, by teaching him English and more importantly making him confident. One of Kazi’s favorite subjects is history. He loves history, because it teaches people to be aware of the events that happened in the past. Particularly, it teaches people about specific events that led to catastrophe. He hopes that people will at least think twice before making the same mistakes. Kazie is a former member of the Cricket Team.  An arm injury has prevented him for being part of the team lately. He was also a member of the Origami Club, where he learned about making some of the most extraordinary inventions with papers. He was very proud to represent the school on these activities. Kazi wants to tell the new students at FDR to be confident about about who you are and always face challenges head on. Always persevere your dreams and show everyone that your presence matters. Kazi thinks he was chosen to be the Senior of the Month, because he takes education as his first priority, knowing that without education life will be as dark as night. Way to go, Kazi!