Amy Dong- Sophomore of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Amy Dong is the Sophomore of the Month!!  Amy loves attending FDR.  She feels it is her second home, and she finds it a welcoming and friendly environment.  Amy’s favorite subjects are Math and Science, because they come easy to her.  She enjoys that both involve logic.  She believes she is more of a logical thinker than a creative thinker.  Amy is a proud member of the Anime Club, because she loves amine.  She also finds it to be a great environment and an easy place to make friends.  Amy’s advice for new students is, “Study hard or go home, because school is not a play ground!”  Amy thinks she was selected to be the Sophomore of the Month due to her effort, respect for teachers, and her work as a tutor.  Congrats Amy! Keep up the great work!