Miao Ying Mei – Senior of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Congratulation to Miao Ying, the Senior of the Month! Miao Ying enjoyed attending FDR, because of its diverse environment which provided more opportunities to learn from different kinds of students. Miao Ying thinks that the students at FDR are very unique, and she has already developed great friendships with many of them in her second year attending FDR. Miao Ying’s favorite subject is Math, but currently she loves Biology more.  It is more challenging and interesting to her than Math. As a person who loves challenges, Biology has perfectly met her needs. Miao Ying is not involved in any team currently, but she did join the Bowling and Table Tennis Teams previously, because she wanted to have fun after school and meet new friends. Miao Ying’s advice to new students at FDR is to be themselves and have fun in high school. It is just another stage in our life. It is not a big deal if we fail sometimes. It is important that we persist, according to Miao Ying. She does not know why she was chosen for the Senior of the Month, but she knows it is a honor to be nominated. Congrats again to Miao Ying!