Lazizjon Negmatullaev- Freshman of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Lazizjon Negmatullaev is this edition’s Freshman of the Month.  Lazizjon loves going to FDR.  He thinks it is a great school, with nice and kind teachers.  He feels very safe and loved at FDR.  Lazizjon’s favorite subjects are Math and Science.  He is really good at both, especially Math.  He has not joined any teams or clubs yet, because he is focusing on his school work.

Nazizjon’s advice to new students would be to try your best and be yourself.  He believes it is important to treat people the the way you want to be treated.  Nazizjon thinks he was selected as the Freshman of the Month, because he tries his best to improve his work every day.  Way to go Nazizjon!  We are glad you are at FDR!