Justin Onofre – Star of the Month


Justin represents the FDR Band as a Star of the Month!   Justin was nominated by Ms. Novoa for his dedication to the Music Program at FDR. Justin really likes attending FDR.  He feels respected by not only his peers, but by the entire FDR staff.

While Justin is a very good student, it is no surprise that Music is his favorite subject.  He really loves learning about all types of music.  Being in the FDR Band is a passion for him.  He enjoys working with instruments and other student who love music.

Justin was on the Handball team as a freshman, because he used to play handball a lot before coming to FDR.  He really enjoyed it.  He believes that all students who attend FDR should get involved in activities and teams.  According to Justin, it is a great way to meet new people and have fun.

Justin believes he was chosen to be a Star of the Month, because he has good grades and sets a strong example for his peers.

Way to go Justin!  Enjoy your senior year!