Book Review: It Ends With Us


Amina Orzueva, Contributor

Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us focusses on a young woman in her twenties dealing with her past and present abuse. Lilly Blossom never had it easy when she was growing up. Her experiences as a child affected the way she looked at love, until she met Atlas. Their love story was very unusual and unexpected. Later in the book, Atlas leaves to Boston for a better life. Years later, after Lilly is done with college, she moves to Boston. In Boston, she meets a guy named Ryle. At first, their relationship is picture perfect. As the days go by, Ryle keeps doing things that remind her of the past.

Colleen Hoover wrote this book for young women to never confuse the real definition of love. She uses Lilly’s experiences to show the process some women have to go through to escape abusive relationships. Before reading this book, I have always wondered why can’t the victim just leave when they are getting abused. After reading this book, I have realized the reasons why some of them stay. It is hard to leave someone you love, because you will keep making excuses for their actions and give them chance after chance. If you are looking for a book to broaden you views on these topics, check it out!