Zia Ahmed, Contributer

I’ve never told you

how much I fear this darkness.

I couldn’t really show you,

how much I care for you

Don’t leave me alone in this crowd,

I’ll lose myself.

Don’t leave me at a place far from you,

where you won’t remember me.

This body feels no pain,

It’s left with scars.

Don’t you know it all?

My love.

All these people,

They try to make me laugh

How do I say?

You are the reason

why I was always tough

I want to have

all those sweet dreams again

But these eyelids won’t shut

Burning tears are pouring every second

filled with pain

These sore lids search for your hand.

Hoping that one day you’ll come

pull me into the light,

helping me stand.

I don’t let it show on my face.

But my heart sinks every second,

thinking of your name.

Tears left me

Silence fills my heart

Numb to everything

Drained from every single part

Don’t you know it all?

My Dear…….


(side notice)

As kids, we learned to cry aloud

When we yearned for attention

when we weren’t embarrassed in any crowd.

But now,

as adults, we learn to cry quiet

In a place where dark is our friend

When silence fills the void

Where love is our fear

Where hate is all we know

When no tears leave our eyes

Yet all our heart does is it cries

When our smile can only be fake

And all our hand does is shake

But the light will soon come one day upon us

some just fear

that day is just fictitious