Endangered Animals and Species

Endangered Animals and Species

Jiada Zhao, Reporter

It’s a new year and 10 – 25 unique species have just gone extinct. But why worry about what’s already lost, let’s focus on the species that we can still help and save, let’s talk about endangered animals.

The reason why endangered animals are endangered in the first place is because of us, humans. We destroy the animals’ habitats; we drive them from their natural habitats; we hunt for them for game; and worst of all, we pollute their homes and food because of industrialization. All of this leads to many animals, who can’t adapt to the sudden changes and become in danger of extinction at an alarming rate. These endangered animals are important not only, because they are beautiful creations that inhabit the earth, they are also helpful to the economy. They can help regulate the climate, provide clean air and water, food, medicines, clothing material, fertile soil, and last but not least, by them simply existing, they are promoting biodiversity. One-third of the world’s amphibians, a quarter of the world’s mammals, and one in every species of birds are estimated to be endangered. In fact, the era we live in now is the time where history has seen the fastest rate of animals becoming endangered, and then extinct! If we don’t act now, we’ll lose more than just animals.

People have on gone lengths to protect and save endangered animals. Some of their ways were to create national parks, make new laws and policies, remove the animal from their habitat to protect them from spread of diseases and poachers, and to carefully breed them to preserve genetic diversity. However, these methods are not things that the average person can do to help endangered animals, instead we can do something else. We can help by recycling, using less energy, and choosing sustainable products. We can help petition for a wildlife campaign and spread the word.  We can make an influence on people to help save endangered animals.

There are many endangered animals out there, but some are far worse off than others. Perhaps the most endangered plant in the world is the hyophorbe amaricaulis aka the loneliest palm, appropriately named for it is the last of its kind to live in the wild. The Javan rhinoceros is considered by most to be the most endangered mammal. It had recently gone extinct in Vietnam, and now only less than 50 individuals exist on the Indonesian island of Java. However, not everything is looking dim for every endangered species. The bald eagle of America made it off the list and so can another!  While still considered critically endangered, the Antiguan racer snake population has increased tenfold from the mid 90’s, from 50 to 500!

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