The North Korean Threat

Voniel Brown, Reporter

Tensions in Asia continue to escalate rapidly. The North Koreans, under Kim Jong-un, continue to make noise in the region and attempt to lash out at the recent UN Security Council sanctions placed on the country. North Korea continues to be the most belligerent country in the region. This March, the Pyongyang government nullified the 1953 agreement ending the Korean War declaring a “state of war” against their southern neighbors. A North Korean statement released in late March said, “From this time on, the North-South relations will be entering the state of war and all issues rose between the North and the South will be handled accordingly.” This little bit of news can be added to the list of threats that have poured out of the impoverished nation in recent years. The North Koreans have been threatening to attack the United States and its ally, South Korea for about a decade. Only this time, the North Korean government swears that the threat of an attack is real.
The North Koreans feel so confident about their plans that the state media gladly releases pictures to the public, that aim to show how tirelessly the new and inexperienced ruler works to fight the enemies of the state. There is a continuing onslaught of propaganda and rhetoric aimed against the United States. For example, the state media released images of military exercises showing a naval hovercraft invasion. It has now become a source of ridicule for the country. After careful analysis from reporters it appears that the actual picture was doctored, to appear more threatening than the reality. However, the South Koreans and America responded and performed an aerial military exercise over the border of the two Koreas.
The state media also released images of Kim Jong-un inside his military command, centered with his generals, signing the order to put rockets on standby to attack the U.S. mainland. The pictures showed maps in the background with U.S. cities that were to be pinpointed for the eventual attack. On this map, it can be seen that the North Koreans hope to attack the East Coast of the United States. Are we safe from a North Korean missile at FDR? Many analysts seem to think we are, despite the boasting that has been spewing out of the North. The country does not have the nuclear capacity that would be able to launch a successful attack against the U.S. mainland, never mind the East Coast. Even if North Korea was to launch a successful missile attack against the U.S., the response against the country is sure to be a swift one. The real concern is whether South Korea or Japan will be attacked. The United States has mobilized its missile defense system to the region.
On April 2nd, Kim Jung-un announced that the country’s Yongbyon nuclear facility will be used to create nuclear weapons. It is likely the Kim Jung-un, is just seeking to bolster his support at home and take the minds of the people off the troubles they face. In the midst of all the sanctions his country faces, he obviously wants to appear as a strong leader. The challenge for the Obama Administration will be to continue to isolate North Korea without facing an armed conflict. As of now, China has condemned the acts of the North Koreans. Keeping China’s support against Kim Jung-un will be critical in the months ahead. The real question is should we take the threats out of North Korea seriously? The answer is yes. Kim Jung-un is not the first leader to make threats and take actions. Quack or not, his threats demand our attention.