NYC and the Terror Threat

NYC and the Terror Threat

We saw it happen live on the news and on social media sites we use everyday for entertainment. The attacks in Paris, however, were not a form of entertainment, they were horrifying events that sparked a scare in our nation. The day after the attacks, these changes were noticeable in New York City. The very city we live in has been a victim to terrorist attacks in the past.  It is evident, based on the NYPD response, that we don’t want to fall victim again.

The NYPD was on high alert the days after the Paris, France attacks. Their presence was hard to miss. The presence of police authority boosted after ISIS released a bone chilling propaganda video threatening NYC. At night the streets were not the same, there was an eerie silence that couldn’t be ignored. With the holidays coming up, New York City remains on high alert.

Security efforts will be bolstered by a new counter-terrorism unit, the Critical Response Command. The Critical Response unit will be heavily armed and trained for specific situations. Security is being heightened both above and below ground. The New York City subway faces the biggest threat. With thousands of people riding the subway everyday, they could be one of the main targets. This has people asking if it’s still safe to ride the subway, the Critical Response Command may be effective above ground, but the question, “how about the trains running underground?”comes to mind. “I talked to a woman who works at a doctor’s office and she knows what I do and she says, ‘I have to ask you if it’s okay to ride the subway,’ and I said to her, ‘absolutely it is,” Chief James R. Waters, the head of department’s Counter Terrorism Bureau said to The New York Times.

Precautions are also being taking by the NYC transit system in case of a terrorist attack. Subway drills are being conducted and have improved communication among agencies. Mayor Bill de Blasio watched the three-hour drill, later calling it, “an impressive display of the capacity of this city to respond.”

Although the city is on high alert, New Yorkers continue their holiday traditions. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade took place regardless of the threats. Despite speculations of an attack taking place at Rockefeller Center, the lighting of the tree still took place, celebration and all. There are apparent changes in New York, the city is preparing for the worst case scenarios.

Let’s all hope our holiday season passes safely and that these hatred filled people are stopped.