First Presidential Debate

Even before the debate began, everyone knew that it was going to be a historic moment for three different reasons. Regardless of the differences, both Hillary and Trump have something in common, which is that they’re very different from previous presidents. Hillary, if elected, will become the first woman to sit in the oval office. If Trump wins, he’ll be the first President without any political or military experience. In addition, this first debate broke the records and became the most watched presidential debate in history, with at least 84 million people watching it.

The first debate really didn’t have a winner, although each candidate supporter’s claims that their candidate won. Neither Hillary or Trump moved the needle significantly and undecided voters weren’t swayed. The main thing accomplished in the first debate was to set the stage for the next two Presidential debates. Based on post debate polls, Clinton got a little bump up, but Trump seems to have moved a head in Ohio.

The three main themes of the debate were American prosperity, American security and the American dream. This is how each candidate handled those themes.

For American prosperity, Clinton said that she’ll increase taxes on the rich, and other places. Then, she’ll use the money to invest in the new jobs sectors, like green energy. She even went to say that she’ll fix the gender wage gap and slammed Trump’s comments that women shouldn’t get paid the same as a man if they don’t do as good of a job. Moreover, she supported sick leave and family leave. Meanwhile, Trump said that we will bring back American prosperity by reducing taxes, stop jobs from leaving, reduce the corporate tax from 35% to 15%, re-negotiate trade deals, and decrease regulations in order to help small businesses grow. Trump, agreed with Clinton on wanting to take care of family leave.

For American security, Clinton said that she’ll work with Silicon Valley to get more accesses to digital devices in order to prevent terrorist attacks and to make our country safer. Clinton said that she’ll use the internet to crack down on ISIS and that she’ll defeat ISIS by using ally’s troops and taking out their leadership. Meanwhile, Trump refused to say what his plan was to defeat ISIS, because he didn’t want to tell the enemy our strategy. Then, he went on to say how Hillary and Obama created this mess, due to their poor decisions.

On the American dream, Hillary talked about making the system work for everyone and improving the middle class’ condition. She said that she’ll make the rich pay their fair share and vowed to invest in green energy jobs. Clinton, also, talked about taking care of the college debt and college prices. Trump talked about making America great again by creating an environment that will make small businesses prosper and will make it easier for big businesses to grow. Trump focused a lot on bringing jobs and money back in our economy,- while putting policies in place that will increase job growth.

Both candidates had a “good performance,” but had a few things that they should have done better. Clinton did a good job at looking more humane and “likeable,” by smiling a lot and talking about her daughter and grandchildren.  She really didn’t make a strong case for her presidency, because she spent most of the time attacking Trump. Trump did his best to look presidential and could go toe-to-toes with Hillary Clinton for 90 minutes.  This is significant, because Hillary is a very establishment career politician with 30 years of experience- while Trump is an outsider who never had a one-on-one debate before. Trump, also, did a good job at responding to Hillary’s attacks most of the time. Trump didn’t do a good job at going hard after Hillary by not pressing her on Benghazi, the secret server, her support for the war in Iraq, and other scandals.

Probably, the only loser in the debate was the moderator, Lester Holt. Many major media outlets, like BBC, talked very negatively about Lester’s bias. Lester asked difficult questions almost only to Trump, while throwing softball questions at Hillary. Lester failed at pressing Hillary on her emails, Benghazi, and her other scandals.

Hopefully, the next debate will bring a little more clarity to who will be the next President of the United States.