For The Right: On The Aftermath Of Brexit

For The Right: On The Aftermath Of Brexit

This summer has seen some of the most baffling displays of catatonic exclamations in recent history. This event is of course being Brexit, the Manchurian candidate of British politics. It could safely be assumed that most people in Britain, especially those leaning towards the left, had not expected Brexit to see the approval of the people. When it passed the political landscape of that nation was forever altered, the now former prime minister (David Cameron) resigned from the Tory party (like our Republicans) and left in his stead Theresa May, who voted against the referendum! However, clearly the Labour party (like our Democrats) were left utterly aghast by the vote. Rhetoric only a delusional megalomaniac could use began to be the status quo in that party and those who voted against Britain leaving the EU in the first place.

Before the aftermath of these bizarre decisions are identified, it is necessary to determine the demographics and the meanings of the exact terminology of that nation’s vote. The vote for Brexit, as it is called, was a referendum to determine if Great Britain was to exit the European Union. In order for it to successfully exit the European Union it will have to pass Article no. 50. That in turn has to pass through parliament (which Theresa May pledged to pass though) and in the meanwhile it will negotiate the terms for it to leave the union with the continent. This vote passed by the means of the elder generations, who do outnumber the millennials, which formed the backbone of those opposed to the referendum.

The reasons those sides have chosen their positions are paramount. For the Pro-Brexit, among their greatest concerns was the nullification of British sovereignty by the European Union. If a law of the Union was left unopposed in the kingdoms, it wouldn’t be able to override it afterwards with a simple vote (like how we could override an amendment with another) and would instead be subject to both the bureaucracy of an entire continent and the interest of the leaders of the other nations whose interest rarely coincided with the people of Britain. This has become most evident during the migrant crisis which began when the ISIS entered the Syrian Civil War, sending hordes of terrified locals, along with opportunist, from all over the Middle East to Europe, most of which went through the Balkans and to Germany, France and Britain. The Schengen Area, which forced open borders on member states, prevented Britain from rejecting these migrants.

As for the Anti-Brexit, their reasoning has primarily to do with pragmatism and the immediate economic perspectives. Leaving the EU will almost certainly strain trade relations with its member states, and it might even make Britain pay tariffs to member states. This, it is claimed, will almost certainly have a grand impact on the British economy and thus those who had stock in the immediate circumstance in the economy (ie millennials and plutocrats) go to the Anti-Brexit side of the spectrum. It has seem at the end of the day the day idealism has triumphed over pragmatism and, as such, the Brexiters had won.

Now, in a healthy democratic society it is important for the will of the people, the “demos” to be respected, and their will is interpreted through the vote. As such it makes sense for the opposing side to respect this, and additionally if they wish to remain relevant in the political process they should amend their position to avoid the risk of falling to Darwin’s mandate, that only the fittest survive. Instead of this, against all reason, nearly collectively, the Anti-Brexit went on a nearly simultaneous hissy-fit, and instead of amending their position they buckled down and denied the reality they currently lived in. They demanded a re-vote on the referendum that the people had already determined they wanted. Instead of listening to the argument of their justified opponents, they dismissed them as bigots and racist. When the government planned on a method to guarantee Britain’s future, those defeated demanded to recall that vote in respect of the “49%.” European Sophist crossed the channel to protest in a nation which they had no right to vote in. They would rather have the ability to have vacations in Europe than to cooperate to save their nation.

In a move of purely outstanding stupidity, forty-seven MPs (representatives of parliament) resigned since Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party (who has enough material for his own article), did not immediately resign due to this atrocity of the democratic process. Journalist, those who we are supposed to depend on for objective information, were deluded to the point where they claimed that the British constitution did not exist. Yet even more baffling there were journalist who outright denied reality, writing that it is, “time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses,” as if the sum on one and one was three. There were protesters against a vote, against the will of the demos.

Meanwhile, even though a good portion of conservative officials didn’t like the referendum either, they decided to accept this new reality. Instead of breaking down they united with Theresa May, who was an Anti-Brexit, but now due to the needs of her nation, went with the tides and now is a beacon for the referendum. Very little has changed for those Tories, besides the person in charge and the Labour Party is effectively up in flames. Let this blatant opposition to reality serve to remind the reader that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”