The End of DACA?


Linda Pillcorema, Reporter

The lives of many students in college, or those in high school, are going through an overwhelming political situation. In 2012 President Barack Obama signed an executive order for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Ultimately, DACA has been set to end. Dashing the hope for many students that were protected from deportation. The Trump Administration has created fear among many of these students.

By applying to DACA there were many benefits for students . For example, having a social security number and a temporary work permit. Various other benefits included having healthcare, being able to drive, and applying for a credit card. More importantly, the ability to go to college and have a career clearly was changing lives. This executive order has given numerous opportunities for undocumented students that came to the U.S with their parents illegally. Such is the case of Erika Andiola, who became one of the first undocumented immigrant to work as a congressional staffer in the year 2010. She is one of the roll models for many “Dreamers” in the U.S.

In September, Trump announced the end DACA, because he and many Republicans in Congress believed that DACA was an “ unconstitutional overreach.” Congress has postponed the elimination of the program for six months to figure out how to make the Dream Act a permanent law. According to Graham Durbin, we need to pave a path for these young people that “… will have their chance to become part of America’s future.” The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services had stated that it will no longer approve advance parole requests associated by DACA. Moreover, these students can still submit their application to renew their DACA by no later than October 5, 2017. However, only for those beneficiaries whose benefits will expire between September 5, 2017 to March 5, 2018. On one hand there are many whom support DACA, for instance the IVY league Colleges oppose the end of DACA, as it gives opportunities to many gifted students. Most Democrats view the protection of DACA as a way to save Obama’s legacy.

At a school like FDR, DACA is a critical program for our students. Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans can come together and protect our FDR Dreamers.