The Adrenaline of the Midterm Election


Linda Pillcorema, Reporter

All of us are trying to start this year on the right foot. We are beginning a journey known as 2018. Believe it or not, when politics are mentioned in the U.S., it brings a rush of adrenaline to people. President Trump will get our adrenaline going this year, again. There is little doubt that he will have a great influence on the midterm elections this November.

This year, the true colors of Americans will vote, by voting against the Republicans (Red) or going with the Democrats (Blue) instead, to constrain the policies of President Trump. However, Trump’s loyal base should continue supporting the Republicans. More and more, voters have been viewing this midterm election as a parliamentary choice, which is the reason why both political parties have been struggling to get a more unified Congress. Basically, we are a nation divided. Tensions should be high this fall.

Senate candidates have a greater advantage than that of the candidates running for seats in the House of Representatives. Senate candidates receive more support on party platforms and media coverage. Therefore, they are able to raise more money and have greater funds to spend on their campaigns. In addition, Republican Senate candidates in 2006, won 6 out of 10 races in states with exit polls confirming that President Bush had an approval rating of 46% or higher. In that same year of 2006, the Democrats won 19 out of 20 Senate races in the states where the approval rating of President Bush was 45% or less. Basically, the candidates will be at an advantage or disadvantage, depending on their views of Trump.

Overall, the American vote this year should be swayed by the voters’ perspectives of the current administration. By all means, these elected officials will hopefully improve many of the problems that the U.S is facing, from North Korea to healthcare. In 2016, Trump won the presidency without winning the popular vote. This year, many people are hoping their votes count in these critical Congressional races.