North Korean Diplomacy

North Korean Diplomacy

Waras Yaqub, Reporter

North Korean diplomacy has taken a dramatic shift, as Kim Jong Un is attempting to finally be cordial with the U.S. and its allies. Kim Jong Un is clearly trying to have sanctions lifted by the U.S. and legitimize his regime. Kim Jong Un’s best hope was President Trump, as he can with ease have sanctions lifted against North Korea. The summit that “may be” taking place on June 12th, will likely change how the rest of the world views North Korea. If Kim Jong Un can come out on top by showing that his nation has no malicious intent, North Korea may be recognized at a legitimate nation state and be allowed to trade with the rest of the world. Kim Jong Un’s actions are clearly the polar opposite of his father and grandfather, since they basically closed the nations border and cut off all foreign relationships except their special relationships with the Chinese and Russians.

President Trump has recently decided move forward with the summit, after cancelling the summit due to rudeness by the North Koreans. North Korea responded cordially and extended an olive branch when tensions started to reappear. Trump clearly wants to outshine Kim Jong Un, while Kim Jong Un wants to show the world that North Korea isn’t a threat. If Kim Jong Un is successful, he could end up easing the tensing relationship between the U.S. and its allies. Chances are that South Korea, and many other nations, will become cordial with North Korea while the U.S. becomes isolated from its Asian allies. Kim Jong Un clearly has a good chance of becoming the most successful of North Korea’s rulers if the can prove his is not a threat to his neighboring countries.

One question many may be asking is, what does each party have to gain? Well, North Korea and South Korea have the most to gain from the summit. North Korea will become legitimized, and South Korea won’t have to deal with North Korea being extremely hostile. Both also have a change of moving toward unification, although that may be impossible since Kim Jong Un would not be willing to give up his power, and South Korea isn’t willing to give up its democracy. If North Korea agrees to give up its nuclear stockpile, China will also benefit since Chinese leaders have voiced concern in allowing an unstable regime to have nuclear weapons. It seem obvious that almost all Asian nations have something to gain, as a hostile nuclear power may become pacified. North Korea of course stands to gain the most, as opening up the nation will result in a large amount of foreign aid which will greatly enrich North Korea, and its supreme leader.

Will the summit actually take place? The summit is extremely likely to take place, as all sides have something to gain. Even with Trump’s threatens to cancel the summit, it will take place as he doesn’t want to look like the lesser man. Republicans and Democrats in this case may be willing to compromise, as they’ll be able to exert influence on North Korea, thus potentially putting a friendly nation right on the border with China. Many wonder if the U.S. is essentially looking to bribe North Korea into becoming a puppet that could be used against China. Will this work? It may work due to Kim Jong Un’s new diplomatic nature, but it could also result in an extreme amount of controversy. We won’t know what the future has in store until the summit actually takes place or is officially canceled. We will have to wait and see.