Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Nehaan Khan, Reporter

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This past month the Supreme Court made a big push towards the revival of President Trump’s ban on transgender service in the military. Beforehand, lower courts which dealt with the case, had placed injunctions on the ban, this meant the lower courts were not allowing for Trump to enforce this policy. However, in January there was a very big change in the case, the Supreme Court now put a hold on a couple of those injunctions. Due to one lower court injunction, which isn’t a part of the cases, the Supreme Court has put a hold on the injunction allowing transgenders to serve.

There is a very high chance, however, that the injunction will soon be put on hold just like the others. The Court’s liberal wing had contested the decision, meaning that they are for transgender Americans serving, on the other side the conservative majority of the court out numbers the Court’s liberal minority, 5-4. This however is a very close case. As of January 1st, 2018 ,transgenders were able to join the military. The move is now expected to ban most trans people from serving in the military as of now, that of course with the exception for people who had already began serving prior to any injunctions being lifted.

It is a very complex legal process, but anyone who is brave enough to want to serve this country, should be allowed to serve. The topic will surely be an issue in the 2020 presidential election.