Fun Facts

Naomi Shimunov, Reporter

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1) You can plot a heart on a graph with the following equation (x^2+y^2-1) ^3-x^2y^3=0.
2) Some professional cyclists pee seated on the moving bicycle.
3) More than 80 million Hershey’s kisses are produced every day.
4) One rat hair is legally allowed to be in one Hershey bar.
5) The whip was the first human invention to break the sound barrier.
6) Charles VI of France thought that he was made of glass. So he never traveled by coach in case the vibration caused him to shatter into pieces.
7) There are two McDonald’s in the U.S. that serve pizza.
8) An island, located between Australia and New Caledonia was charted on maps for over a century until a crew of scientists sailed to the location and found it didn’t exist.
9) There is an indoor farm in Japan that can produce 99% less water than an outdoor farm.
10) Martin Luther King Jr. added the “I have a dream” line during his speech, it wasn’t planned.
11) In 2012 a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket, so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Tefel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park.
12) While approximately 27 people die from using elevators every year, 1,600 die from taking the stairs.
13) The time machine in “Back to the Future” was originally going tobe a refrigerator, but was changed when the creators thought the kids would trap themselves in fridges while replicating the scene.
14) According to Tolkien, Sam Gamgee is the “chief hero” of the Lord of the Rings. The quest to destroy the Ring only succeeds because of Sam, who repeatedly saves Frodo from disaster.  He is the only character strong enough to surrender the Ring voluntarily and easily.