Manga Time! The Gamer


Have you ever wondered what being a game character feels like? Leveling up? Gaining certain abilities through the actions you do? Han Jee-Han was a normal teenager that was addicted to video games. One day he developed the Natural Ability User. He possessed the ability called” The Gamer,” where he experiences life in a game like manner. Natural Ability Users are individuals randomly given psychic powers by Gaia. They possess these abilities the moment they are born, but the abilities usually awaken later on in life. The Natural Ability User’s abilities are usually determined by what is most special to them. Han Jee-Han’s love for video games made him have “The Gamer” ability, which is usually categorized  as a “Late Bloomer.” “Late Bloomers” can  grow and progress without limits. Han Jee-Han’s friend, Shin Sun-il, is an Acquired Ability User who gets abilities through vigorous training. Together they train in order to level up!  Check out The Gamer, you won’t be disappointed in this manga!  

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