What is PETA?

Yvonne Arenas, Repor

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Animals are a part of the world. There are so many types of animals such as bears, tigers, snakes, dogs, cats, and etc. There is an organization called PETA that aims at protecting them. PETA stands for: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This organization’s goal is to stop animal cruelty. PETA explains how humans are just like animals; animals should not be treated in an unethical manner. Humans have experienced suffering and pain through wars, slavery, sexual violence, and many other painful experiences.  Well, animals suffer too! We massacre billions of these beings.

We eat, wear, experiment, and abuse animals for our own needs, and by doing so, we violet animal rights. Do you realize that we deceive ourselves? When we see an animal being tortured or killed, it makes us sick, but we purchase and consume any part of these living beings . We should change our style of living; instead of a cheeseburger, we could eat a veggie burger. These LIVING animals lose their lives for our benefit.  PETA believes that every living creature deserves freedom, from rats to dogs to people to pigs. No animal should have their natural rights infringed- we are all animals, we are all beings. PETA wants to stop abuse on all living things; if torturing an infant or a disabled person is wrong, it is the same as torturing an animal. We all live on the same planet, we all have the same evolutionary origins, and we all have the same natural rights, therefore we are all equal.

In my opinion, animal cruelty is unjust. I believe that animals, and all beings, deserve the same freedom and rights as humans. Human beings can stop this by not purchasing any items that had something to do with animal cruelty. We can all try to become vegans, imagine if it were the opposite, what if we were being mistreated and abused? Just as we do not deserve to be abused neither do any other living creature, so we should treat other creatures as we would treat a fellow human. PETA has various articles on animal abuse on their website, but PETA is not the only animal rights organization worth looking in to.  I encourage readers to investigate some of the basic issues discussed in this article. PETA can often be too radical for many people, so do some research. PETA’s website can also give you information and updates on ways that you can do to help animals, and what is going in the world with these amazing beings.