Poetry- Believe It Or Not Every Life Matters.


Believe It Or Not Every Life Matters.


Word is out about the movement.

People are refusing to stand.

The Pledge of Allegiance in some hearts is being banned.

At long last, more than a few are starting to realize the fact

That the Pledge’s phrase “under God” is all an act;

In harmony with God, the Governments and nations all around do not walk,

The words they spit are all parts of fictitious talk.


Though it’s now getting more attention,

It’s been in existence.

Ever since the nations have been trying to get their footing,

Slaves being brought in,

The movement to understand that lives matter has been living.

Though some are doing it the wrong way

Similar to Brown, unable to push fights away

Though many believe one becomes a traitor

For taking a seat and not being a collaborator

It is Patriotic to want people to care

For the ones who help them build a country

No matter the color of skin

Take out the ones you don’t like for no reason

Then the union becomes thin.