For “The Right”: On Bias In Journalism


These days, more than any other time in history, show the grand inequity of journalism at large. Never before in history has such Orwellian thought been perpetuated throughout all of mainstream media. Ideological bias is so rampant on both sides of the political spectrum that eighty percent of all American citizens no longer trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth. Such catastrophic failure could not be a result of a few small events, but of a fundamental deterioration of journalism. It should be known that the ultimate purpose of media is to state the objective truth of current events, so that the public can be better informed about the world they inhabit. It seems that across the board this has been abandoned in exchange for political favors. Even those who are stray from the drier journalism, abandon truth in exchange for one universal lie: that their opinion is the only truth, and that all opposition is a primordial evil.

This seems to in part be due to the integration of politics into journalism. It is now the case that instead of being arbiters of truth, journalist are moving in from former political careers, probably the person you would want giving you the objective truth last. In addition, politicians who are still in office can affect journalism through campaign endorsements, spoiling the objectivity of whatever outlet it touches. Such underhanded exploitation could only mean a clear political agenda. These supposed arbiters of the truth adopt a political agenda so that their favored candidate may get them what all companies desire the most, wealth. The truth has been overturned by the glittering of gold.

Thus these scoundrels realize that they must keep up their facetious narrative for as long as possible, lest their audience suspect these sophist of lying to their faces. As such dissenting opinions are never even acknowledged. The wrongdoings of their infallible lieges are made to be fabrications of an invisible and omnipresent enemy. Even editorials adopt this dogma. Instead of using their subjective knowledge to add to the daily struggles of the common man, they repeat that age old chorus. In order to not seem ambiguous I would normally give a list of the station who are guilty of this injustice, but this list would be redundant. There is no mainstream journalism source I know of which does not commit these vile acts.

It would only be a matter of time before the people realized this grand con and sought out alternative sources of journalism. It was thought that these alternatives would be our messiah. However, the polarizing times have affected these mediums as well. There was a time where these stations at least tried to tell the truth, but for most of them that is a bygone age. Instead these folk pledge themselves to whatever side of the fence they end up on, as if they are a band of zealots. Just like the mainstream media, they will bend the truth to serve the needs of their masters. It can at least be said that their motives were noble at first.

The events of these preceding days have only confirmed their fears, that the people no longer trust them. When they told the people to do one thing, the people did the opposite of what they asked for. Now there is definitive proof for their folly, only a fool would not realize that something needed to be done if they are to commercially survive the next few years. Unsurprisingly, instead addressing their numerous faults they buckle down. Instead of reflecting on themselves, they blame literally everyone except themselves. Those few journalist who realized that they were on the losing side of the argument were quickly snuffed out by their peers. Whatever their fate is, it does not warrant pity from anyone since the signs of their dooms were abundantly clear. Let it be known that ignoring the facts in exchange for satisfying bias will only lead to doom.