For “The Right”

For The Right

“ Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

The tools for the media to avoid their current predicament were already present months beforehand. They could have avoided the price of their blatant dishonesty if they learned from the Brexit crisis. Instead of sundering all their capacity of restraint, at least some of the mainstream media could have done more than a second’s worth of research. Instead, they buckle down and render unto us something much worse than anything out of Brexit.

The culmination of their errors began long before this moment.

Going back to the moments immediately after the election of our dread emperor, Trump. Although they were right with the defeated crowds in claiming that a recount was necessary, they had yet to blunder into an outright lie.

Instead, this lie begins in the attempt of an explanation of their encroaching doom. Instead of inspecting themselves, they began to blame literally everyone except themselves for their disaster. Most notably, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been crucified in the minds of the media.

This disdain of Putin has been conjured from some of the very few people who can be just as dishonest as the mainstream media – the CIA. Given their very nature as an intelligence agency (i.e. espionage) should already earn the suspicions of any onlooker. That along with the blatant lying on “weapons of mass destruction” used to get us into the Iraq War*. This time, the CIA claims that the Russians are behind the hacking of the DNC, resulting in the victory of Donald Trump in the elections.

As should be known, extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence; so what grand proof had the CIA assembled, to prove this egregious crime against our good nation? Absolutely none, almost as if they have failed to supply evidence for some other possible violation of international law. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media has embraced this, ”as it can possibly ” be the defeat of their dreaded enemy, Trump, if this turns out to be true. Just as with anything else, it is required that this theory is to be believed, especially since the CIA has lost the benefit of the doubt.

Somehow, the absurdity of convictions did not yet reach a climax. It seems the inevitability of the inauguration, and therefore the doom of the media, has caused a breakdown of the media. How else could this following event be explained? A former British spy supplied, out of all the major media platforms, Buzzfeed, with a dossier concerning the president to be. Before even examining a single paragraph of it, it can easily be dismissed by the fact that, unlike literally every security briefing or the like ever released, this document is titled with “Company Intelligence Report.” Still, by making a mere cursory glance of the document’s contents reveal a myriad of grotesque spelling errors.

But lastly, if those methods fail to conjure disbelief, then the accusation that Trump hired a group of prostitutes to urinate on a bed the Obamas slept in, surely will. This evidently shows that the mainstream media has surely become void of anything that could avert the public’s eye from the inevitable collapse of the media.

One can only hope that at least some of these professional liars are able to avert their ways. If this is not the case, then shorty the day will come that they are ripped from their position and replaced with slightly more honest individuals. However this ends, it should require little else to prove that, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Editor’s Notes

* This is highly disputed, and an investigation by Frontline provides evidence that the Bush administration picked pieces of evidence from a CIA report and used said evidence to justify the Iraq War. The CIA’s original report did not support invading Iraq.