School Shootings


April 20th marked the 20th year since the first major school shooting at Columbine High School. This deadly massacre sparked many debates on the issue of gun control. In Colorado, the Columbine massacre resulted in the deaths of 12 students and one teacher. Two male students came into the school with fully loaded TEC-DC9 semi automatic pistol, other guns and weapons which caused many injuries and deaths.

Sandy Hook elementary school was another horrific school shooting on December 15, 2012 in Connecticut. A 20 year old came into the elementary school with a Bushmaster XM-15 series that is in the line of the AR-15 assault rifle which is commonly used in school shootings. This massacre resulted in the death of 20 children between 6 and 7, and the death of six adults and staff members.

Last year, Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida sparked major flashbacks after an expelled student took fire using a AR-15 semi automatic rifle. This shooting resulted in the deaths of 17 students and staff, and the injury of 17 others. This school shooting was the major shooting of this generation which reignited the fight over school shootings and gun control. The Parkland shooting sparked rallies,walk outs, and discussions about mass killings of not only students, but people in general. The students of the Unites States rallied together to try to change the gun laws that have failed to protect the youth in America.

In 2018, there were

  • 24 school shootings resulting in injuries or deaths.
  • 35 killed.
  • 79 injured.
  • 28 total students killed.

The US averaged at least one deadly mass shooting a month in 2018. These might seem like small numbers, but these deaths are someone’s friends and family.

In the more recent shooting in Colorado at STEM School Highlands Ranch, where one student was killed and eight were injured, students have started to fight back. Kendrick Castillo, an 18 year old senior, only weeks away from graduation, sacrificed himself by lunging towards the gun man to try and get the gun. He acted without hesitation, as stated by a fellow student. Castillos’ brave act caused other students to have the opportunity to run or hide. Although he was shot and killed, his sacrifice will not be forgotten, especially to those who lived due to Kendrick Castillos sacrifice. Also, other students tackled the gun man down as he tried to run away. During horrific times of great loss and hurt, heroes, such as Castillo, emerge to help others. However, students should not be put in the position of sacrificing their life, while they should be getting an education.

Gun violence, and specifically school shootings, have shown how inept our government is at protecting us. These lives, both young and old, were taken way too soon due to the pulling of a trigger which caused their lives to come to a tragic ending. The issue of gun control is one that is heavily debated and is a very emotional topic. Hopefully, as this generation comes of age to vote, and rises up to positions of power, these issues will be addressed. Until that day, the lives of these people should never be forgotten.

  Remember: Speak up for what you believe in and use your political voice. You can make a change.