Digital Arts: Uses In Different Platforms


What is digital art?

What is digital art? Digital art is any form of artwork that uses digital technology as part of the creative process. It is not only limited to illustrations but includes a wide range of other forms. You might have seen this type of artwork in many of our daily lives like posters, the internet, video games, and even in textbooks. Many of them opt to use digital art because of its nature. The ease of storing and transmitting artwork is a major factor for using this form of art. One of the notable platforms that we see digital art is the internet. It’s a haven for many up and coming talents, as well as masters to publish their works and get feedback from the people who use the internet. Not only is the internet a way to publish digital art, it is also a place to get work for many of those digital artists. These types of work include illustrating for magazines, video games, and other types of platforms digital art can appear in. 

Video Games

Video game companies, nowadays, primarily use digital art in their works, advertisements, and design. Many of these games use digital art to design many of the things we see in those games, like concept art, sprites, character models, environments, and much more. Game artists work in a team of other creators like producers, writers, game developers, and directors to make sure their art fits in with the rest of the game and get feedback from them. There are many types of artists in this form of digital art. These include 2D artists, 3D modeling artists, visual effects artists, and many more types. Video game art is a lot more expressive and interactive than other forms of media, since its delivery form of a game is meant to be interactive. 


Have you walked past a pile of magazines and got your eyes caught by a design? This is the job of a magazine graphic designer. Magazine design is not limited to illustrations and is very complex. The designer has to keep in mind the people the magazine is appealing to and which type of cover art can attract them. They have to work with images and texts and carefully work with them to form a cover. This is mostly done in a digital setting, as it is more time efficient, and a lot more forgiving, since you can undo mistakes. The responsibility of the designer is important as it may ultimately decide whether the consumer buys the magazine or not. We do judge a magazine by its cover.


In this digital age, we take designs of modern websites for granted. Not only does the website designer use artworks to convey their message, they also have to know how to set up these web pages and customize them. They have to know basic coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. This puts a lot more work onto the designer, as they have to learn two very different skill sets. 

That’s all?

There are a lot more different types of digital media art than what is described here. These are the ones that are notable and can be seen in our daily lives. Many of these platforms use digital art for the same reason, and it is very forgiving (undo button), time efficient, and is very easy to transfer work from the artist to the publisher. This flexibility is needed in our fast paced modern world. Another reason for the switch from traditional to digital is the amount of new artists using modern technology. The use of modern technology in a lot of artworks is prevalent throughout our lives.