David Dobrik Is In Trouble…


David Dobrik, is a well-known Youtuber, Comedian, and Actor. He first became known back in 2013 for his content on an app called Vine. Vine is a video-sharing app similar to TikTok. In 2015, David Dobrik started his Youtube channel. On that channel, he did many different kinds of content. This content ranged from Comedy videos to vlogs. In his vlogs, he was always surrounded by a group of people. He called it, “The Vlog Squad.” The Vlog Squad was a friend group that would pull pranks on each other, talk, and just have fun.


A guy named Seth, who used to be a part of, The Vlog Squad, came out and talked about David Dobrik’s old pranks that he used to do on him. Some of these pranks that he did on Seth were stereotypical.

In one of the pranks that David Dobrik pulled on Seth, Dobrik filled Seth’s refrigerator with watermelons. This is called the watermelon stereotype. The watermelon stereotype is a stereotype that African Americans love watermelons. David thought it would be funny to fill Seth’s refrigerator with watermelons, because Seth is a black guy. To make matters worse, Seth was the only black guy in The Vlog Squad.

A video of a prank that David Dobrik did on Seth is now resurfacing. In this video, David told Seth he was going to let him kiss his crush (a female named Corinna who was a part of The Vlog Squad). Seth got really excited, so he gave David consent to do this. Instead, David decided to prank Seth, and make Seth make-out with a 45-year-old man named Jason, who was also a part of The Vlog Squad. Ever since that video became public, Seth has been ridiculed in public by fans of David Dobrik, and even by people he knows personally. This video was viewed millions of times, which makes it even worse for Seth. Seth talked to David Dobrik about that prank and for him to take it down. David Dobrik was willing to pay Seth, so that he could keep it up on his channel- but Seth refused. David decided to go out of his way and play that prank AGAIN on Seth. He then told Seth it was an advertisement for a Beef Jerky company, and all he had to do was make-out with the person under the Gorilla Costume. Seth made out with the person under the costume, while having no clue that it was Jason. This caused Seth to leave The Vlog Squad and move out of California because of all of the backlash he has received.

Dirty Dom

Another video is now resurfacing about David’s childhood best friend named Dom, also known as “Dirty Dom/Durte Dom.” Just like his name says, Dom is very dirty. He makes sexual jokes all the time, and the only thing he wants to do is have intercourse.

In one of the vlogs, David Dobrik and The Vlog Squad decided to have a party and invite some girls. The entire purpose of them inviting those girls to the party was just for Dom to have intercourse with them. Alcohol was brought to the party to get these females drunk, even though they were not of age to legally drink. One of The Vlog Squad members named Trisha Paytas (now an ex-Vlog Squad member) was there at the party. She left after she felt uncomfortable about the drinking that was going on. Dom was able to get some of the girls alone with him and took them to one of the bedrooms in the house. Once Dom shut the door behind him. One of the girls, realized that she did not want to be alone with Dom and told him that she wanted to go back to everyone else. Dom then blocked the entrance to the bedroom. The only way Dom was going to let her out was if she kissed him. She was scared, because she did not know what Dom would do if she said no to the request to kiss him. Since she already said no to the questions, he asked while they were in the room, she felt he would get mad and something bad would happen. So she quickly kissed him and left the room. Dom was also in the room with two other girls. He was having intercourse with one of the girls who was too drunk to have given consent. She kept passing out, and her friend that was in the room with her got scared, because she thought she was dead. Dom would not stop what he was doing to the girl, even though she was passing out. Her friend had to beg Dom to stop and said she would take over, because her friend was passing out.

What does Dirty Dom have to do with David Dobrik?

David Dobrik is getting called out for Dom’s actions, because David Dobrik was the one that setup the party. He also knew what they were planning to do at the party.

Where are the Consequences For Their Actions?

As of now, we do not know if Dom will be going to jail or not. “The accuser has not reported the incident to authorities, and no charges have been filed against Zeglaitis,” the Insider reported.

What we do know is that David Dobrik has lost many sponsorships. Companies HelloFresh, General Mills, DoorDash, SeatGeek, and EA Sports confirmed to NBC News on Monday that they were no longer working with Dobrik. A DoorDash spokeswoman told NBC News in an email that the company, “profoundly condemns the behavior of The Vlog Squad members, and we have terminated our sponsorship of David Dobrik’s podcast ‘Views.’ This horrific misconduct is incongruous with DoorDash’s values and does not represent the communities we strive to create. Our thoughts are with all those impacted,” the spokeswoman said. EA Sports said that the company has not worked with Dobrik since April 2020 and had no plans to work with him in the future. “We expect any influencer or celebrity talent we work with to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with EA’s values and policies,” the company said. On Sunday, Dobrik said in a statement that he would step down from the board of Dispo, a photo-app that he co-founded, and would leave the company in order to, “not distract from the company’s growth.” And on Monday, venture capital firm Spark Capital, which led a $20 million investment in Dispo, announced on Twitter they would, “sever all ties” with the start-up. “We have stepped down from our position on the board and we are in the process of making arrangements to ensure we do not profit from our recent investment in Dispo,” the company said in a statement. David Dobrik also stated he would take time off of Youtube to self-reflect behind the camera.

The End of His Career?

In my opinion, David Dobrik’s career will not end. The reason being, he has a huge fanbase and most of his fanbase consists of younger kids. Since younger kids do not realize that what is coming out against David Dobrik is serious, they would continue to support him. Before the resurfaced video and rape/assault allegations about Dom, David Dobrik had 18.9 million subscribers. He now has 18.5 million subscribers after they came out.

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