Can You Have Success, Without College?


“If you do not go to college, you will not be successful.” A phrase many students have heard from their parents… Including me. But is that statement true? Or is it false? Do you NEED to go to college to become “successful?”

Everyone has a different meaning of being “successful.” Some believe it is about your wealth, others believe it is about being happy, while others believe it is about being famous. We should not judge someone based our beliefs on what being “successful” is. Our definition of success could be completely different from theirs.

One day, I talked to my cousin and I asked him, what does being successful mean to you? He believed being successful is having enough money to pay the bills and buy a few pairs of Jordans. I looked at him with confusion. How is that success? I thought to myself. That was two years ago, now I realize that everyone has a different meaning of being successful. My definition of being successful was making millions of dollars and being famous.

Many parents believe to be successful you have to go to college, then become a doctor or lawyer. While other parents believe just being better than them is successful. The difference between those two parents is that one most likely does not pressure their child into going to college, while the other most likely does.

People like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Chris Rock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Marilyn Monroe, and etc… never went to college, some dropped out of high school. These people became well-known and rich without college.

Nowadays, college is not necessary for things people want to be. For example, YouTubers, musical artists, having a small business (eyelashes, nails, hair), and etc… While for other kids it is necessary. For example, a doctor, teacher, engineer, and etc… If what you want to do, does not require college, why go? Some kids do not want to go to college, because they believe it is not for them, which is fine. College is not for everyone. Some kids want to go to college for the experience, which is fine. Some kids want to take a gap year then go to college, which is also fine. There are different things you can do before going straight to college after high school, to see if you want to go or not.

You do not need college to be successful. You define your meaning of success and go down the road that will take you there. But college can definitely help when it comes to applying for jobs/careers. Success is in the eye of the beholder.