Is Australia Planning To Fight Against Climate Change?

Is Australia Planning To Fight Against Climate Change?

The 2022 Federal Election for Australia was recently held, and one of the central pillars of this election was the question of what actions are in store to fight Climate Change? Climate change impacts every country, every living being on the planet, the economy, and the government.

Gases released, through the burning of fossil fuels, and methane, from factory farming, create a blanket around the planet trapping the heat. Some consequences of this are the extreme weather changes, intense heatwaves, droughts, rising sea levels, and oceans being more acidic and warmer. Dirty oceans filled with junk are also a significant root cause of such consequences. This creates a violent cycle of us losing reliable food sources, clean water, housing, land, and places with historical and cultural significance. Not only does it harm humans, and our way of life, but due to the toxicity of the ocean coral reefs are harmed, taking away the natural habitat of many sea creatures. In order to keep up with the temperature changes mammals, insects, plants, and other species are forced to shift beyond comfortable limits to keep up with the unpredictable nature.

Australia is no exception from the above mentioned. In recent years wildfires have increased and caused more damage than ever before in the past. Many had to relocate in order to stay safe from the fires. Not only are acres and acres of land and trees damaged, but thousands of animals’ lives are put in danger. Australia is the home of 11 unique species that can not be seen anywhere else.

This year many Australians voted with hopes of stronger Climate Change actions on their mind. Australia is considered a ‘global laggard’ when it comes to emission cuts which is why voters have chosen to reject the ‘deny and delay’ approach.

The recently victorious, Anthony Albanese, promised to fight this issue, but no serious or specific actions for this issue have been made public. Whatever change is in store has to be just as powerful and persuasive as the issue itself. Similar to the U.S., Australia as a national record of abandoning decades’ worth of habits, in order to reform to a new and more eco-friendly system- with limited success. The path for any change to come, still seems unsure and unpredictable.