Your Rights? Only For A Little Longer.


On June 24, 2022, Roe v Wade was overturned by a Republican majority Supreme Court, that claimed it was a states’ right, whether to let a woman have control over their bodily anatomy. No longer could any woman in any state choose to willingly get an abortion, but instead now the state that the person resides in, will choose the legality of the abortion the woman wants. The Supreme Court had made it clear that the right to choose was not for a person, but for the state. This was questioned by many people who had believed that the Republicans would soon come after the right to choose totally, and might even come after more rights that Americans’ possess- such as the right to get married to someone of the same sex.

After Roe v Wade was overturned, there was a bill introduced, only 12 weeks and 3 days later in mid September of 2022, by GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, which would ban all abortions after 15 weeks of being pregnant. This is only the start of what Republicans want to do, as many have made it abundantly clear that they want a full ban on abortion and want to take away more rights from the American citizen. GOP Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has on multiple occasions made it clear that she wanted abortions fully banned. She had claimed that Roe v Wade being overturned, “can be the beginning to the end of abortion.”

These Republicans will not stop at just the rights of women, but also the rights of homosexuals, and even, the rights of those who may believe in a different religion. Marjorie Taylor Greene was the same Representative that in the past claimed that, “Jewish Space Lasers,” are a problem in American politics and they were being used to control masses. When faced with criticism for her statements, she had claimed that she would not back down. This elected Representative of the people has also, on record, compared President Joe Biden to Hitler.

Republican members of Congress are out of control in America, as they try to hold on to their power in this country. They are losing states that are turning blue. As the years go by, the state of Texas is slowly turning blue because of major cities such as Austin and Houston, being heavily Democrat. The rural areas of Texas are mostly Republican strong holds. As they are losing their power, they try their hardest to do what they can, in order to have an impact on the nation. The GOP has been losing the popular vote more and more every year. The most recent GOP president, Donald Trump, lost the popular vote twice. The second most recent GOP president, George Bush Jr, won a disputed election in 2000 where he lost the popular vote too.

The GOP now, only has long lasting control over the Supreme Court, which is an unelected body of government. The Republican Party, as of now, has far too much power to remove our right through the courts. We as a people, must take action in order to keep our rights protected, or else we may lose many things we value as people. Our way of life will be changed.

Voting is not enough and has never been enough. Peaceful protests are not enough to defend our rights. In order for our voices to be heard we must protest nonstop. We, as American citizens, will lose our rights as a result of a minority group that should not be in control. We must take action.