The Beauty Of Art


With all of the social media that we intake every single day, we are constantly distracted with the latest drama or news. Because of this, art doesn’t hold as much importance as it used to. Paintings, and poetry, used to hold more value in society than they do now. This is why I want to shed light on just how important art is.

It is a common, old-school way of thinking for parents to want their children to have jobs such as a doctor, lawyer, or engineer- because those careers are looked up to. On the other hand, many parents discourage or shame the idea of their children pursuing a career in music, art, and etc. In this way, art has lost its value in our lives, and with it our ability to analyze and interpret the beauty that comes with it. One thing art and poetry have in common is that the meanings of the pieces are usually implicit. This is what makes art different from other forms of entertainment. We are not always directly told what a painting, or poem means, but rather are left to put the pieces together on our own, like a puzzle. Art is subjective, and the way we may interpret a piece may be completely different from the way someone else may interpret a piece. This allows art to cater to everyone. When we read a poem, or look at a painting, we use our own circumstances and apply what we know and feel to what we see. Then we come up with our own conclusions, taking the pieces as we see fit.

Whether we create or observe these forms of art, they may help us feel understood. It is not always easy to express how we feel so bluntly. Poetry allows us to hide meanings within our words for people to find. On the other hand, we can find hidden meanings in paintings through the artists brushstrokes, colors, shapes, dimensions, figures, and more. These little hidden meanings are what poetry and art are made of, and collectively work to create a message that we then can feel. In this way, these art forms are beautiful and help us connect deeper than at a surface level.