The Immigration Struggle


Starting life in a new place can be overwhelming, especially a place you have never been to or visited before. New places mean lots of people with different personalities, different languages, and different cultures. It is really hard to live in a new location when you don’t know the place very well. 


Uprooting your life and moving to a new country is challenging in itself. You have to speak a different language–one you might not be comfortable with. One of the most prominent challenges immigrants face is the language barrier. It isn’t easy to find a job, a home, get groceries, or anything else when you don’t speak fluently, or you don’t know the language. You have to know the language or learn the language, because without knowing the language, you can’t live there. Also, you can’t even make friends if you don’t speak the language. One thing you can do now to help get rid of the language barrier is learn English from youtube videos for free. 


Another big problem for immigrants is employment opportunities. Getting a new job in a new country can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have a network of family, or friends ready to help you out with this problem. On top of that, immigrants have problems with not being familiar with the local job market and, in many cases, are not very educated. There are many struggles with communicating professionally in a new language. For example, my father is struggling to get a job, because he doesn’t know the language, doesn’t know how to communicate professionally in the job market, and has trouble navigating the market itself. 


There is an educational problem too. Many immigrants don’t get a chance to go to middle school, high school, or college because of things like discrimination and not knowing their different options. In the world, there is a lot of discrimination going on. For example, when I came to this country, I didn’t get to go to middle or high school even though my relatives have lived here for a very long time. My family and I didn’t know where to go for admission. I was sitting in my home for one year without any education. Sometimes I felt so isolated, because I didn’t have any friends at that time and never went out. Later on, I asked my neighbor to help, she knew my home country’s language and helped get me into high school. I am very thankful for them. Now I am a junior at FDR High School!

In life, there will be a lot of difficulties or problems, but you have to face them one day and you will get over them. I will say only one thing to everyone who came to this county as a new immigrant, “never lose hope”.