The Ruling Class Has Forgotten Who They Serve


America is a country opposed to Communism and always fighting against the “reds.” It’s a country where people and corporations must, “pick themselves up by their bootstraps,” in order to succeed. No one in America needs, “hand outs,” as anyone who works hard enough can succeed. However, American capitalism has made it so that we do need handouts to succeed. People on the Right of the American political system are against socialism and keep saying they want a pure form of capitalism. Pure capitalism has arguably not existed in America ever, as there has always been government intervention. The legislation the Right wants to pass is socialism for the rich and their corporations, but capitalism for those already struggling to survive.

Everyday in America we lose more essential social services in order to “balance” our national budget. Congress is currently deciding on which social program to cut in order to balance our budget. Is this truly necessary? Are our lives, our health, and our futures nothing but bargaining chips for the rich? Every year we lose more of our essential social services to help the rich- whether it be to bail out more of their failing corporations, or giving the rich more tax-cuts. In a world of true capitalism, these corporations would not be bailed out by tax payer money, rather they should be able to succeed as long as they work hard enough. We lose more and more of our rights everyday as a result of the Right who claims they want people to have more freedom. First, we lose the control of our own bodies, and now, we lose the control of our futures.

Socialism for the rich. Capitalism for the poor. This is the system we live with in America. We the people of the nation do not have to suffer if we can properly balance our budget to help the people, not the rich corporations and the rich billionaires. The failure of many banks and corporations in this decade, whether it be because of COVID, and the quarantine, or due to their own faults, have shown us that Capitalism does not truly exist for everyone in America. Capitalism only exists for the poor, as these large corporations have gotten bailouts in order to not fail. These are the same corporations complaining about, “handouts,” being given to the American people.

The top 1% and many other corporations do not want to be taxed more. The belief they have is that the taxes they pay will just be “handouts” to people. What they reference to as “handouts” are essential social programs that people need to survive. Many of these corporations such as, Eli Lilly and Company (a pharmaceutical company), are the reason that people have to rely on social programs. They are forcing people to live unlivable wages and are increasing the prices of necessities. They want to be bailed out when they fail, due to their own mistakes, and when they cause a recession to gain more profit, while the people’s reality is that when we fail- we must suffer. When we mere people make a mistake we must die. When we mere people get a disease we never foresaw coming, we must lose everything to live. We must struggle for corporations to succeed. There are many problems in society, but not all can be fixed so fast. Not all can be erased from society with just thoughts and words. We must work together as a society to bring down the “Right’s Capitalism,” so that we all can succeed.

While we cannot resolve all issues, there are a few that can be fixed right now. There are few that do not have to exist even in the terrible state of the world we are in now. One of the largest economic issues facing many younger people today is the student debt crisis. Education should be a human right that is available for all and not just a commodity for the rich. President Biden has the authority to cancel student debt through executive action, but the extent to which he can cancel all student debt is a matter of debate and interpretation.

Currently, President Biden has expressed support for canceling up to $10,000 in federal student debt per borrower. He has also stated that he would like Congress to pass legislation that would cancel up to $50,000 in federal student debt per borrower. However, the Higher Education Act, which governs federal student loans, does not explicitly grant the President the authority to cancel all student debt. The argument over student loans and legality should not at all matter though. If we can bail out these failing companies without it being called socialism, then we can help stop the future of our country from suffering.

The education system as it stands now in the U.S. is made for the rich. Corporations such as the College Board, and different private universities, do not reserve the right to have a monopoly. Education is a human right. Education is something that belongs to all humans. The main drive for education in our world is not for people to learn what they are interested in, but instead to be able to get jobs. This has never been right and never will be right.

Capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich. This system will never work. We as a people must take a stand to support the expansion of public education and fight the privatization of education. America may not have been created for the every man, but it will now stand for the everyday man. Do not listen to those who say, “well I had to pay for my education myself.” Just because we suffer does not mean others must suffer too. We are here to end the cycle not to let it restart anew.