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Black Women Making History


Amidst the shadows of historical oversight, Black Women’s History Month offers a spotlight on the unsung heroines shaping tomorrow’s legacy today. From Harriet Tubman to modern trailblazers, their stories of resilience, progress, and triumph demand recognition, amplification, and celebration. The women that are highlighted in this article deserve the spotlight for continuing to change the game in their respective fields. 

Our black heroines of today are pioneers of the musical, political, athletic, and scientific worlds. Each of them have accomplished incredible milestones or goals that continue to inspire the young black women around the country to dream big and continue pushing towards a better future. 

Our first black woman making history this past year needs no introduction, she was the lead singer of the very popular girl group, “Destiny’s Child,” who only continued to grow in popularity as a solo artist. Beyonce is a woman that has done a lot of firsts in the world of music. She was the first black woman to headline Coachella in 2018. And now in the year 2023, she is the winningest grammy artist. She has just won her 32nd Grammy! Beyonce continues to show young black girls who want to break into the music industry that it is possible if you work hard, and are passionate about music, you can become just as big and bright as Beyonce. 

Our next black woman making history is Fanni Willis! She is a strong, independent, and very driven woman. In January of 2021 she assumed office as the District Attorney for Fulton County, her job description includes overseeing criminal prosecutions within Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, Georgia’s capital. Willis is the woman who was brave enough to launch an investigation into Donald Trump and his efforts to influence Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results. So far, within the court case, she has been leading against Trump she has gained national attention, in her efforts to bring a corrupt former president to justice. The investigation is still ongoing but she has made history with this court case, as she stands up to Trump. Willis is demonstrating that no matter how rich or privileged a person is, no one is above the law. She is inspiring black women, young and old alike, to stand up against corruption of our democratic elections and nation. 

Sha’Carri Richardson is a professional track star. Sha’Carri is a black woman with a story of adversity and triumph. As a child she was abandoned by her mother and did not grow up with a father. She was raised by her aunt and grandmother who nurtured and encouraged her talent in track.  She harnessed this talent and found herself in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. However, she was disqualified after she tested positive for having marijuana in her system. This was very sad for her, as she was struggling a lot during this time, as her biological mother had just recently passed away which greatly affected her mental health. She did not let this disqualification from the Olympics stop her though, she recently made headlines for winning the women’s 100 meters at the Track and Field World Championship in Budapest, setting an event record with a time of 10.65 seconds. Sha’Carri is a role model for young black women around the world, showing them that though there is hardship and struggle in many of our stories, there is also joy and glory if you continue to keep getting up after you are knocked down. 

Last, but certainly not least, we have Jessica Watkins. She is like a real life Barbie with the various careers she has under her tool belt, she is an American NASA astronaut, geologist, aquanaut and a former international rugby player. In recent years she was one of five black women in history to go to space, and she was the first black woman to visit the International Space Station. The research she has conducted in space has improved life on Earth and has helped researchers learn more about the long term effects of spaceflight on the human body. Watkins is yet another inspiring black woman who’s work and determination is paving the way for more black women to break into the field of STEM, and make more breakthroughs. 

In celebrating Black Women’s History Month, we not only honor the past but illuminate the present and future through the remarkable journeys of modern-day heroines. From Beyoncé’s groundbreaking achievements in music, to Fani Willis’s courageous stance against corruption, Sha’Carri Richardson’s resilience on the track, and Jessica Watkins’s pioneering strides in space exploration, each woman represents a beacon of possibility and progress. Their stories resonate far beyond their respective fields, inspiring generations to dream boldly, persist through adversity, and redefine the limits of what’s possible. As we reflect on their triumphs, let us not only applaud their individual accomplishments, but also recognize the collective impact of their legacy, igniting hope and empowerment for black women everywhere. In amplifying their voices and celebrating their achievements, we honor not only their contributions, but also the boundless potential within each of us to shape history, break barriers, and build a brighter tomorrow.


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