Kimberly Nazario, Editor

Pg 2, Pic 1 (564x800)On May 6, 2013, Sports Illustrated published an issue including a story about 34-year old NBA player Jason Collins “coming out.” If you walk down the FDR hallways, you can usually hear teenage boys acting all macho about this and saying very mean and cruel things about Jason Collins. Speaking from a female’s point of view, I don’t see the big deal. So he’s a professional NBA player who just so happens to be gay, what’s the problem? There are many other athletes that have done worse things than just have a sexual preference. If you have a problem with someone being gay, you are pretty ignorant.

    On his coming out, Collins’ was a little wary of what others would think. After all, not everyone is easily accepting. But after he did, he was overwhelmed by people’s response. The majority of people were very accepting and supportive. But yet here we are, in a large high school in New York, with teenage boys who absolutely hate the idea of a gay NBA player. I really don’t see the problem. It’s not like his sexual orientation affects his playing at all. As Jason Collins said himself in an interview for Sports Illustrated, “I go against the gay stereotype, which is why I think a lot of players will be shocked: That guy is gay?” His game is not going to change just because he came out.
Most “boys” are concerned about the sexual tension between teammates if one team member is gay. One thing I have to say about this is to get over yourself. Just because someone is gay does not mean they are attracted to literally every person of the same gender.  In fact, there are barely any realistic chances that that person will even find you attractive. Anyway, have you seen most of the guys at this school? As if! Also, I’m kind of surprised to still hear some people arguing about “his choices,” seeing as Collins’ teammates and family have accepted his coming out. Stop dragging it out! Somehow, it seems that the average American is more accepting than a bunch of teenage boys. Girls rarely actually care whether or not a person is gay (although not always are we so calm and collected about it), the government has “started” accepting the whole issue on homosexuality, and even some religious people have learned to accept. In fact, being a religious man himself, Jason Collins accepts himself for all that he is.
Acceptance on homosexuality should be further along at this point. Rates of gay teens committing suicide have increased in just a few years. Many people, both teens and adults, have taken their lives due to mean comments about their sexuality. While we do see progress, we have some ways to go.  For example, there were 12 anti-gay attacks in NYC last year, so far this year, we are at 24! There are also many countries, like Canada, and American states (Massachusetts being the first US state to legalize same sex marriage) that have legalized same sex marriage and protected homosexuals from any type of abuse. Other countries are working on abolishing laws against same sex equality and getting over preference-to-religion issues.  The Boy Scouts even voted this week to allow gay scouts.  Unfortunately, they still won’t allow gay Scout Leaders, but we will take some progress.
Although some people tend to accept gays, but not their preference (if that even makes sense), the awareness over this issue surely needs to be focused on more. Yes, homosexuality may seem mainstream, or even an open issue, but that’s how it should be. You don’t see people walking around saying, “Oh look at that straight girl, she’s so weird.” Hopefully, in my life time, people can just be people…..It would be nice if the macho boys grow up too.