Summer Opportunities


Kimberly Nazario, Reporter

Do you ever just sit at home in the summer, bored out of your mind? Or maybe you just don’t happen to have any cash on you anymore? I have a solution for this. You could just get a job! Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But nobody wants to hire me! I don’t have time for a job! It’s alright. Jobs aren’t all boring, and they’re not all time consuming. Anyways, there are more things to do than just get a job.
There are many opportunities open for you this summer. If you love art or just so happen to like writing, you can join in on ArtConnecter’s free teen Reviewers and Critics program, also known as TRaC. TRaC is an after-school program that you could join for teens to explore art and culture all around New York City. You’d be able to take trips to see cutting-edge theatre, dance, and music performances or visit museums, art galleries, and art studios. If you’re not very good with the New York City subway rails, it’s alright. This program could help you master your way around the city.
If you want to aspire to be a singer, but can’t afford recording your own music, get ready for this. If you volunteer eight hours at the park, you’ll get three hours free of charge to record your own music at the Beat Cave recording studio! Not only can you get some sun this summer, you can also meet new people and care for Prospect Park. You’ll get a lot of stuff done, as people will be helping you with recording your own music. You don’t need recording experience for this, just a voice and a soul. It’s all about having pride and working for your community. If you don’t feel like working at the park would be rewarding, it would also look great on your college applications.
There are many more things to do this summer than just those two things. Don’t worry if these things don’t sound so appealing. You could also join a summer camp or get a job somewhere. Many places hire seasonal workers like GameStop or Payless. You could also find more information online at! Have fun this summer, and don’t forget to do something. 