February Movie Reviews


Vlad Zakrzhevskyy, Reviewer

feb movie 1The Monuments Men, coming to theaters the first Friday of February gives you a blast of action, drama and history in only 110 minutes. President FDR sends a platoon of art specialists to collect thousands of years of art that Hitler has captured. A mission impossible, since these newly army trained men set out to cross enemy lines to retrieve the world’s most irreplaceable artwork. The soldiers played by George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville work together as a group to achieve a near death journey through war inflicted Nazi Germany.

feb movie 2Nurse 3D, coming to theaters the first Friday of February Rates R for people 17 years or older is a thriller/horror film that grabs you by surprise, as a trust-able  nurse during work hours, turns into a killer at night. But nurse Abby doesn’t kill just anyone, only the ones she deems worthy, CHEATERS!  When a younger nurse that started working in the hospital gets suspicious of Abby’s actions, and gets in the way, Abby must find a way to finish her last job.

feb movie 3Cavemen, in theaters February is a mushy romantic comedy, with a typical guy who is tired of having pointless relationships, so he sets out to find “The One”. With the friend of his best friend Tess, and his nine year-old nephew, help him out as he sets his sights for love. Personally, the movie is very predictable and played out scenario, but hey if you are willing to spend your $14-$20 to see Made of Honor, Sky High, and Some Kind of Wonderful all over again, go ahead.

feb movie 4Robocop, the action movie of the month that comes out February twelfth, will make you feel outdated. The movie takes place in 2028 where robots are keeping safety all around the world, accept America. OmniCorp the company that provides these robots finally thinks of a way to introduce a more technologically advanced system of protection into the US, Humans in robots. When Alex Murphy a great cop gets hurt, almost losing his life, OmniCorp infuses him with a suit that make him what is thought the greatest accomplishment to safety enforcement. But every human has their own agenda in life, and sometimes when being placed in a powerful weapon- they follow what they think is best and go rogue.