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It's time to mix it up

November 28, 2016

It’s time to pull out all these fun and bright sweaters, which you thought were too loud to wear. This season take risks and wear whatever you want to. The fashion world has evolved and the rules, which people once followed are being broken. Fashion is supposed to be fun and nowadays the fun which was once lost is making a reappearance. Eclectic looks have become more and more common on the runway as well as the street. Designers such as Gucci, Prada, and Christopher Kane have changed their collections, they are much more daring and bright. Fast retailers including Zara, Topshop, and H&M have also adopted this much more creative and fun side of clothes. Zara also has the TRF collection, which is specifically for people who aren’t afraid to try new and daring looks. Current trends such as faux fur, velvet, leopard print and others are certainly different from others. These trends were criticized by many for being too tacky but now you see them in an uproar. A lot of looks from runways and street style photograph and often seen by us is that people are embracing looks from the 90’s as well as 70’s, because the clothes are much more fun and eccentric from that time.

You should always have fun with your outfits and shape the current trends to your personal style. Many people in our own school have adopted this way of dressing. It is quite refreshing to spot people not afraid to try these daring looks. One of the students who is able to pull of this eye-catching looks is Sarah Williams. She is a junior, and a singer as well as an actor. Her style is very cool and one to keep up with. She has a way of making herself look so fun- but yet cool. Her over-sized bright patterned pullover sweater and baggy jeans may be am odd combination, but she manages to rock it. Her pullover sweater is the key element to her outfit, and her extremely loose and baggy jeans, which give a 90’s vibe. The way she put the both pieces together without any major accessories meddling in looked absolutely amazing. With the right styling any piece can be stylish. I would just like to thank Sarah for giving me some time to photograph her very fun and vibrant look.

Instead of following a set of rules to dress by people should take things in their own hands and dress whichever way they want to. People shouldn’t be afraid or be criticized when they try something which out of the society “norms.” Don’t be afraid to try something new this season and step out of your comfort zone. You may just discover your new look. Nowadays we have the freedom to try all the crazy looks, and it might just be the new trend. Next time when you are browsing through your close, pull out the piece which you might have thought that you couldn’t wear in public and walk out the door looking stylish- and remember to be confident in what you want to wear.

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