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Lung Cancer Awareness Month


Cancer is the uncontrolled fast growth of cells in a region, caused primarily by a cellular malfunction. Cancer and cancer research are incredibly important; and for that reason, many months honor the research, devotion, and hope that many people have for the time when cancer is completely beaten, with a cure. Many months are spent commemorating the efforts of many people to eradicate this most heinous and perplexing illness. Some of these months include lung cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma awareness. The month of November targets one of the most frequent types of cancer: lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that is one of the most common, as well as one of the most probable types of cancer to result in death. Lung cancer is a kind of cancer that, as the name implies, originates and develops in the lungs. Smoking, cigarette smoke exposure, and genetics have all been linked to an increased risk for developing lung cancer. Furthermore, it is considered that vapes are substantial risk factors for lung cancer; however, because this product is so new to the scene, not enough research has established any significant influence that these products may have on the human body. 

Why Is Lung Cancer So Dangerous?

Lung cancer is one of the most lethal types of cancer, but why? Lung cancer is extremely deadly for a multitude of reasons, but the problem is multifaceted and complicated. One of the main reasons why lung cancer has the greatest death rate of any type of cancer is because many diagnoses are made at a later stage of the disease. It may appear that this issue of lung cancer only being diagnosed late is extremely avoidable, but it isn’t, owing to the sickness remaining asymptomatic until the conclusion of the illness, by which time it has metastasized and spread to other organs and sections of the body. 

The stigma associated with lung cancer is certainly a significant contributor to the disease’s lethality. Lung cancer is frequently associated with smoking, which might prevent people from seeking medical treatment or engaging in screenings. The lack of understanding of the many risk factors and symptoms of lung cancer adds to delays in diagnosis and treatment. Just because a person does not smoke does not imply they are immune to the illness, since other variables like secondhand smoke exposure or genetics have an influence in the disease’s development.

Why Should There Be a Month Dedicated To Lung Cancer Awareness?

It may appear paradoxical and contradictory to celebrate a sickness, but dedicating a month to lung cancer awareness benefits individuals who are battling the condition, raises awareness of the issue, and promotes research. Lung cancer should be recognized to honor individuals who are currently battling the disease. It might involve recognizing and celebrating the fortitude and courage of those who have endured the sickness and emerged as survivors. Their tales may bring hope, encouragement, and serve as evidence of advancements in cancer therapies and support networks.

Another possible motivation for a month of lung cancer awareness is to educate future generations. This month would be used to spread information about the disease and how to prevent it. Furthermore, the month should be observed to commemorate advances in medical research and treatment choices for lung cancer. Ongoing breakthroughs, such as targeted therapy and immunotherapies, help to improve the prognosis for people with lung cancer. Celebrating these achievements highlights the potential for progress to be made, and a possibility that one day, the disease would be eradicated.

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