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The Power Nike Holds


Many of us are aware of the impact brands have on adults as well as teens. We often use brands to establish a sense of identity, and that identity often shapes you into the person you are today. Nike’s ability to target the youth using innovative thinking and helping some of the best athletes achieve success is what truly makes them unique. Some may believe that Nike is more than just a brand name or trend setter because, in many ways, it has helped communities establish a sense of unity where a path is paved for people of color. Many people would enjoy supporting a brand that is known for its diversity and positive reinforcement, which empowers not only black people but women across the globe. If it weren’t for Nike’s global impact, we might not have seen athletes being represented the way they are today, and the catchphrase “Just Do It” would never serve its purpose in motivating athletes as well as regular people living their everyday lives.

Background Information On Nike:

Some athletes you might be familiar with are Serena Williams the tennis athlete and Michael Jordan the world-renowned basketball player. Michael Jordan was chosen to be represented by Nike in the year 1984. The year 1984 marked one of Nike’s most revolutionary moments, as it became a game changer in the industry for years to come when people saw Nike’s true intentions were not only to make durable shoes and clothing, but to inspire people. When Nike took Jordan in after he had been rejected by Adidas, it became evident how reliable Nike was and still is. Later on Nike showed their support to Lebron James and Russell Wilson who became well known for their athletic excellence through perseverance and strength.

Nike’s Inspiration:

Now let us dive deeper into how Nike’s famous catchphrase “Just Do It” came to be. These three words alone have sparked interest in the hearts of many and served as the backbone of Nike since the 1980’s, back when Nike was fighting for the top. Nike competed against Reebok and Adidas in hopes of gaining more consumers to kick start their brand, but little did they know that a criminal named Gary Gilmore would be their inspiration. This was why Nike’s original catchphrase was transformed from “Let’s do it.” to “Just do it.” in order to capture Nike’s true nature.

Nike has always encouraged the idea of chasing after your dreams and taking the situation into your own hands. Nike also believes that people should strive for more and never settle for less, and they ran with it in hopes of getting their message across to those who needed to hear it most. Eventually, it became more than just a slogan; it became a motivation with a simple yet impactful message that could reach anyone and everyone. What makes the slogan so ground-breaking is the fact that it has the ability to tear down walls, forcing change in an environment that is seemingly close-minded at times. It is a statement or a call to action similar to the mindset of an activist advocating for change.

Convincing Your Audience:

Satisfying consumers is not an easy walk in the park. Brands must consider their audience, quality, style, the influence of their message, how they will execute said message, and when they will advertise. Product placement, or the way a message is executed, is key to success in an industry that is so keen on what its viewers think and feel. So the next time you see a brand like Nike pop up, you know to consider the audience, product, airtime or network, message, and message execution. By creating a strong brand, you create a strong bond between yourself and the audience. That’s why places like McDonald’s, Subway, and Wendy’s all have one thing in common. Everything that a brand does is done in order to entice you.

One of Nike’s biggest tactics is using the colors black and white on their logo to evoke strong emotions in their audience and the reason for this goes much deeper than benefiting from sales. Their goal is to make you feel involved so that you feel heard. When consumers feel heard, they are more likely to pick up what you’re putting down. Nike is not only culturally relevant but beneficial comfort wise for everyone. No matter what gender or background, you can be sure that Nike has your back every step of the way. Whether it be shoes, bags, socks, or jackets, you name it! Their products are purely made with organic cotton and recycled materials to promote optimal results for all athletes.

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