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Cafes You NEED To Visit This Summer!


As June 20th, we will officially begin summer. Summer is wildly known for being incredibly hot, and this year has been quite a roller coaster with significant changes in the weather. I think we could all agree, we NEED summer ASAP. Some may visit the beach, go on a walk for ice cream, maybe even go kayaking, but for me, one of my favorite things to do this summer, or possibly all year around, is visit cafes. My recent obsession with cafes started last fall, and I can truly say that with this list I have compiled, you may even find your new favorite spot.

Neighborhood #1: Williamsburg

                         Cafe #1:  KIJITORA

What if I told you this hidden cafe was not only a Japanese cafe but also cat-themed? I feel like this cafe would be super cute for a solo or even a friend date. Their opening hours range from 8 am-5 pm from Mondays to Thursdays & from Fridays- Sundays 8 Am- 8 PM. If you have seen this cafe on your feed before, I’m sure either their cat-shaped grilled cheese or their matcha flavors lurred you in. I know it did for me! Although their grilled cheese is served on the weekends, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting and possibly trying out their many drinks such as their iced tiramisu latte for coffee lovers or for matcha lovers their iced strawberry matcha latte. 

                         Cafe #2 : Caffé Valencia

If the cat cafe didn’t lore you in enough, Caffé Valencia will! With only 167 reviews on Google Maps reviews have highly complimented their atmosphere and food. Though this place is a bit small with little spacing, I would say don’t let this stop you from having friends tag along. Their seasonal menu seems to be the customer’s favorite. One drink includes their ,“Berry Street Dream Latte.”If you asked me just by name, I’m hooked! This cafe opens from 8 AM-4 PM every Monday-Fridays and on the weekends it’s 9 AM-4 PM. 

Neighborhood #2: Turtle Bay 

                      Cafe #1: Remi43 Flower & Coffee

If you haven’t encountered Remi43 Flower & Coffee cafe, you’ve probably been living under a rock! This cafe is stunning, especially for its 2 floors! It is covered with pleasant plants/flowers that you might even get too distracted looking at. Their latte is bright and colorful and 2 of their most popular ones are the lavender and rose latte. Their service is quick, and though space is limited, I think this cafe is great for the aesthetic and people-watching. From Mondays-Sundays they’re open from 7 AM-6 PM. 

                     Cafe #2: Little Collin’s

Lastly, in the Turtle Bay neighborhood is Little Collin’s Cafe. With this cafe, I feel you’re more likely to get a seat much quicker than Remi. However, in this cafe I can truly say that their avocado toast is the customer’s favorite. It’s a healthy, balanced breakfast, loaded, and includes pepitas (pumpkin seeds). If an avocado toast isn’t up your alley, I recommend their French toast. It’s colorful and topped off with fruits and raspberry drizzle which could be great for sweet tooths!

Overall, I would highly recommend implementing cafes into your day, as it can be great to pick up a light snack, or drink, to cool you down this summer!

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