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Top 10 National Parks!


With summer around the corner the best thing for many of us to do would be to get out and explore! And what better way to do that then to visit some National Parks? So, here they are! The top ten National Parks! Even if you can’t see them this summer, start planning to enjoy America’s incredible natural beauty in the future.

1. Glacier National Park

Approximately 1,582 sq miles, this park offers a vast view of the wilderness in Montanas Rocky Mountains. Surrounding the park is glacier covered peaks and endless valleys. The park spans 2 mountain ranges and has more than 700 lakes in Montana.

2. Yellowstone National Park

What better park to visit than the very first National Park in the United States? This park offers a beautiful scenery to take in from its magnificent landscape. The park which goes across Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana covers about 2.2 million acres. The park offers its visitors a variety of things to do from taking in its bison filled valleys, to enjoying the hot springs and active geysers.

3. Yosemite National Park

Located in California, this park is quite famous for its impressive waterfalls and unique rock formations. For those who love hiking and gazing at scenic views this park offers a breathtaking view to take in and explore.

4. Zion National Park

Located in Utah, the park first opened its doors in 1919 of November. The park is known for its vast scenery and steep red cliffs. The park features a 1,500 foot long staircase, which people are required to hike on! The park is mostly popular for attractions such as The Narrows and Angels Landing.

5.  Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, the park features a endless hiking opportunity that awaits its visitors. The park offers a view of Mathers point along other attractions such as Desert View Watchtower. Approximately 4.7 million people visited the park in 2023.

6. Grand Teton National Park

Located in Wyoming, this park offers around 250 miles of trails, which allows visitors to view lakes, forest, etc…The park is well known for its Cascade Canyon Trail which allows visitors to experience waterfalls,  glacier canyons, and more. The park was first established on February 19th, 1919.

7. Kenai Fjords National Parks

Located in Alaska, the park offers its visitors a chance to gaze their eyes at their unique scenery consisting of ice and glaciers. The park is knows for its Exit Glacier, Harding Ice field, Resurrections Bay, and Kenai Mountains. The park was established on December 2, 1980. The park covers about  669,984 acres.

8. Olympic National Park

Located in Washington, the park features  beautiful hiking trails and several different ecosystems. The park first opened its doors on June 29 1938. Some attractions that the park is known for is the Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic National Forest.

9.Sequoia National Park

Located in California. This park is quite literally known for its name. The park features beautiful Sequoia trees surrounding everywhere you gaze. The park also boasts a beautiful hiking trail surrounded by these trees. Visitor’s here often partake in other activities such as horseback riding,  fishing, and climbing!

10.Rocky Mountains National Park

Located in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains National Park is known for its scenery and its Trail Ridge Road. having first opened on January 26 1915, the park quickly grew in popularity. The park is most known for its lakes and other beautiful bodies of water surrounding it and the diverse wildlife and ecosystems it encompasses.

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