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Wordle: The New York Times’ Most Beloved Game


Wordle is the simple word game that captured the world’s attention. In today’s digital age, where brain-rotting video games dominate, the plainness and simplicity of Wordle, a straightforward word puzzle game, have surprisingly captured the hearts of millions. This daily game challenges players to guess a five-letter word within six attempts, with feedback provided in the form of color-coded tiles. Here’s what each color means:

Green: You have the right spot and letter!

Yellow: You have the wrong spot but the right letter!

Grey: Nothing is right. 

A Lucky Creation

Wordle was created by software engineer Josh Wardle as a personal project for his partner, a fan of word games. Initially shared with family and friends, the game was publicly released in October 2021 and quickly became a sensation. What set Wordle apart was its simplicity and the fact that there was only one puzzle per day, making it a daily ritual for players around the globe. It has grown in popularity throughout this year, at some point, websites began publishing answers along with hints as soon as the game opened itself to the public!

Rising to Popularity

The game’s popularity soared as players posted their results on social media, sparking curiosity and friendly competition. As for others, not so not-so-friendly competition and rather upset players due to the complexity of the word. Its viral nature was fueled by its minimalistic design and the joint experience it fostered among players. By January 2022, millions were playing Wordle, and The New York Times acquired it, cementing its status in the Gen Z culture.

Wordle’s Impact

Beyond entertainment, Wordle has influenced how people interact with games and each other online, promoting a culture of shared experience and collective satisfaction. It has also inspired numerous variants and spin-offs, each adding a unique twist to the original formula.

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